Tuesday, November 29, 2011

"Where Are The Coaches In All of This?"

An excellent point by Bob Costas, and a nice tight 2-minute video essay on the stupidity of jackass wide receivers in the NFL.

Of course, it generated the usual backlash from some columnists and pundits, decrying Costas - and anyone who may agree with him - as angry old white men.


Heard that one more times than a knock knock joke.

The fact remains, however, that jackass wide receivers like Stevie Johnson almost never end up hoisting the Lombardi Trophy.

Walking backwards through the decade where such numbskulls like Ocho-chango-name-o came to prominence, what team featured a loud, hey-look-at-me wideout and rode him to a title?

T.O. came close with Philly. But the cost was high the following season.
Keyshawn won with Gruden and the Bucs. But not really because of him.
Santonio Holmes was more wandering weed-head, than a jackass.

Otherwise, the best teams just have wideouts who know how to do their job, and aren't that concerned about calling attention to themselves. Guys who are catching passes from Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady understand one thing clearly: the dude throwing them tight bullets right to their fingertips 40 times a game, are the guys who will make them rich.

Better to just shut the F up, and play football.

I don't mind a quick, spontaneous celebration from a guy who scores. But anything too premeditated is juvenile at best. Or in the case of Johnson, damaging to your team's chances of winning at worst.

Cutting Johnson immediately - as Merrill Hoge suggested on ESPN - would be extreme.

But it's not like you can't get somebody to replicate what he does. Besides, are the Bills currently winning WITH him right now?


You are now free to resume calling Bob Costas - and myself - old, white, fun stealing nerds.


  1. Michael Irvin, showboat extraordinaire, has 3 rings.

  2. Czabe, you are an old, white, fun-stealing nerd!
    And so am I. I agree with you and Mr. Costas.

  3. THAT WAS (cue the Spicolli) A W E S O M E!!! Very well put... It is funny that most of the venom is towards WR's the correctly titled "divas" of the NFL. Unless your name is Jerry Rice, you are ALL equally replaceable. I can not think of a more over rated, unnecessarily self indulgent position than WR....

  4. There are a dozen other things that are more of an issue in my opinion regarding the NFL. This idiocy is certainly not limited to receivers (I am looking at YOU Mr. Landry.) But overall I do not feel that it is nearly as big of a deal as Mr. Costas made it out to be.

    The plus side to all the celebrations and Diva tendencies is that it pisses off Goodell....and we can all agree that pissing off Goodell is ALWAYS worthwhile.

  5. WRs in the NFL are a dime a dozen. Sure there are a FEW standouts that buck that trend, but overall ..... very replaceable, in my opinion.

    I am still pissed that my Falcons gave up so much in the draft in order to move up and get Julio Jones. Good Receiver? Absolutely. But I would have much rather they go out and draft some pieces to bulk up the D.

    I watched this live on Sunday and then I backed it up and made my wife watch it too. Costas was dead on target with this one.

  6. Hey Rich, Jerry Rice has three rings... Ever see him over-indulge his stupidity? Perfect difference between a guy that says it with his horse mouth and a guy that says it on the field.

    Why only receivers do this junk? FIRST DOWN! They have to throw their hands like the ref. Congrats. You caught a ball for five yards. Cost to owner for that one ball: probably $10,000 for your CATCH.

    Costas was Andy Rooney-esque. Brilliant and perfect. Thanks for having the stones, Costas.

  7. Holy F*ck! I'm prolly the oldest fart here but Johnson's post TD antics were the BEST EVER! I haven't laughed that hard in a LONG time. Pokin' fun at a gun totin' imbicile? Priceless! the "Jet Crash" was frosting on the lol cake. Kudos to you Mr Johnson for showing some creativity! Booo to the crotchety officials for their lack of judgement. (and to you for dropping the game winner, you horses a$$.)

    Czabe, your right...WR's ARE nothing more than a hood ornament but c'mon, that was in no way a penalty deserving antic. It was just...an antic.

  8. Cue the first 5min of the wonderfully & underappreciated movie "Baseketballs." Those guys from South Park are dead on with everything, no matter how far fetched it is. Also, what about every single guy defensive guy celebrating a tackle or sack?? Those seemed rehearsed just as much as a TD dance....

  9. It's all fun till someone gets their eye poked out. That translates to when it cost your team yardage because of a penalty as a teammate i'm slap'n ur ass!!!