Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I Just Don't Have the Stomach For This

The Redskins are not likely to win the "Suck for Luck" derby.

Indy has that locked down.

So what then about the rest of the QB's who are "likely" to be available?

Well, here's the short list.

Andrew Luck

Matt Barkley
Robert Griffin III
Landry Jones

Tier two...

Brandon Weeden
Ryan Tannehill
Kirk Cousins
Case Keenum
Kellen Moore

And maybe I'm unfairly parsing out the two tiers, I just figured I'd throw out names of guys you have heard of. This CBS Sports page, has a list which was compiled, by NFL Draft Scout, whomever, or whatever they are.

Of the guys on Tier 1, it needs to be noted: they are all juniors, or redshirt juniors. Meaning any or all of them  COULD, in theory, stay in school.

Stranger things have happened. See Manning, Peyton or Tebow, Tim.

The "Suck List" in the NFL, of worse records right now... reads like this.

Colts 0-10
Vikings 2-8
Rams 2-8
Jags 3-7
Skins 3-7
Cardinals 3-7
Dolphins 3-7

Don't ask me about tiebreakers for the BOTTOM of the NFL standings. I have heard that head-to-head is not used in breaking draft position ties.

The point is this. While I want the Redskins to suck as much possible for the best chance at an elite quarterback, without having to spend additional picks  to move up, I am not going to be able to continue the overt wishing for loss after loss from here until January 2nd.

The analogy is this: if you lived with a single mother, who was about to get evicted for not making the rent, and she decides out of desperation to turn a few tricks in the bedroom to keep a roof over your head - okay, as a one time deal, do what you gotta do.

But if your mom decided, "hey, this is pretty good money" and then started bringing creepy johns in off the street for 6 weeks in a row, well, that might be a bit too much to take.

I can't take 6 weeks of active tanking for a better draft pick. I just can't.

I won't root like crazy for this team - I just don't have it in me. It's a lousy team, with lousy coaching. It has a chance to get better, and a chance to draft a QB that gives them a chance at being legitimately good.

A chance.

But who knows how the chips will fall? The Redskins, with two more "oops" wins, could end up drafting 10th!

Or, they could lose out and still finish with the 3rd overall pick. Let's say Indianapolis and Miami (the two teams in the "Suck For... " race who have the most dire need for a QB) are ahead of them.

Then let's say two of the top 4 guys (say Barkley and Jones, merely for argument sake, I have no intel or angle on that, it's just a "what if..") decide to stay in college?

You gonna then reach with the 3rd overall pick for a Tier 2 QB? Spend a fortune in future picks to move up one spot?

In general, I am okay with tanking for a pick - to an extent. If it's one or two games left in the year, and you are sitting at 3 wins, okay, fine.

But this is a bridge too far for me. The Skins will show what kind of heart they have down the stretch. I will be an interested observer. I am not going to smash any remotes if they lose.

But I've gotta put the pom-poms down for losing, because too much can happen before next April's choose-em-up in New York City.

And losing breeds losing. It's probably best if the team didn't just flatline down the stretch.


  1. Steve,

    you forgot Russell Wilson in that mix too (who has number that are better than most you have mentioned).

    As far as Andrew Luck, I have seen him twice and was less than impressed.

    Average arm strength, couldn't complete the long out, and had happy feet galore. I accept that the scouts who scour film are correct in their assessment, but for me, I am glad my team will not possibly bet their future on his questionable talent.....

  2. Russel Wilson should be in that group also. He has all the intangibles that you, Czabe, like in a quarterback.

  3. Barkley is really good. Russel Wilson is not an nfl QB IMO.

    I was glad skins lost to Dallas

  4. Luck, obviously, will be gone. Barkley is a clear 1a to Luck and would be a coup for the Skins. Big dropoff after those two.

    Hopefully Miami keeps winning with Moore. The other "suck" teams really don't need QB's and likely would leave Barkley on the board.

  5. Kyle Orton is suddenly available. That's a great long-term fix, right?

  6. tr, Wilson is a pro QB. He has the arm,can run out of trouble if he has to and he has the intelligence to go along with the most important of all intangibles, leadership. If you knock him on his height, don't forget he plays behind the biggest line in college.