Friday, November 18, 2011

Craction Pool Week 11

At stake this week, is a rare and mint condition, tag-still-on-it Fightin' Donkey Sweatshirt! One size fits all!


Because that's all I have left! So you'll either have to squeeze into it, lose some weight, or gift it to a smaller friend, wife, or child.

All you gotta do, is dial in the PERFECT 5-way combination!

Sign up HERE, for free, and enjoy the game!

Week 1: Shawn Brandt
Week 2: Larry Haslee/Ronnie Windsor
Week 3: Eric Hucke
Week 4: John Merrill
Week 5: John Sample
Week 6: Nate Faust
Week 7: John Heibel
Week 8: Karin McAnaney
Week 9: John Goodall
Week 10:

Personally, I'm going to roll with Jimmy Masterlock's Picks, this week, because he IS a staggering 21-16-2!

and throw on top of it....

Buffalo +1 at Miami

Jimmy Sez:

Don't Think Don't Blink, Lay the Lumber PICK: SF -10 vs. Arizona Underdog PICK: WAS +8 vs. Dallas
"Run To The Smell" PICK: BAL -7 vs. Cincinnati
Lock of the Week PICK: NYG -5 vs. Philadelphia

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