Tuesday, November 1, 2011

"Hey Zornie, Shanny Just Fell Behind Your Mark In DC!"

This pretty much sums it up. Other than this stat: First 23 Games: Zorn 10-13. Shanahan 9-14.

Boom... roasted.


Does anyone else see the similarity between Shanahan and all the other past overpaid Redskin free agent signings?  Of course Shanahan is a coach rather than a fat defensive lineman but the comfortable sense of entitlement and lack of accountability is still there.  Shanahan is making 7 million dollars this year which goes along with the “come to the Redskins to get paid” theme over the past 11 years.  Shanahan is 59 years old and has 2 rings.  What else does he have to prove in his career?  What drives him everyday other than getting paid an obscene amount of money. 

The whole situation allows him to casually hire his son which most people agree opens up the door for more drama and controversy that the Redskins are so used to.  It allows him to go 0 for 4 on quarterbacks but say things like “we know the quarterback position.”  And would someone who’s job/career/financial situation was on the line allow his sons roommate/BFF to start at quarterback??  Schwartz and Harbaugh literally fought on the field after the game.  Bilichick cheated to make sure he had the best chance to win.  He had a career to think about.  I dont condone cheating but the point is they have motivation, drive and urgency to build a team and make a name for themselves.  Shanahan has none of that.  He has a cushy situation in which really his only motivation is to give his sons career a bump in the right direction while he cashes 7 million dollar checks.  

Let’s not even get into the fact that his two of the brighter spots (Torain and Banks) were left off the opening roster last year and that he shoves the “scheme” down everyone’s throat even when he doesn’t have the personnel to fit it (not just offense – see 3-4 defense).  But again he could care less because of the same reasons Haynesworth could care less about laying on the field and chilling on his million dollar boat during OTAs.  No accountability, no motivation, no drive, and no sense of urgency.  It all comes back to the same thing – you can’t buy a championship. 

Matt Sol


  1. Czabe,

    I remember a couple years ago you said something very profound that has stuck with me. Please excuse me as I butcher your quote, but it went something along the lines of....'you can overcome a bad draft pick, a bad coach only sticks around a couple years but a bad owner.....that is for LIFE.'

    Bravo sir, bravo.
    If I wasn't so lazy I would stand in ovation to your spot on insight.

  2. High salary doesn't necessarily make someone lazy. Bill Belichick has 3 rings and actually makes more money than Shanahan - $7.5 million. To quote Mr. Sol - "What else does he have to prove in his career? What drives him everyday other than getting paid an obscene amount of money?". It's very easy to say that Shanahan doesn't care and is not driven to succeed. I doubt that he isn't highly driven to succeed. I think the real difference lies in the football minds. Over and over in the NFL the successful teams (Packers, Patriots, Colts, Steelers, Saints) are the ones that are better at evaluating talent than the others. For a very long time now the Redskins have been terrible at evaluating talent. If they can turn that around I'm sure they can be successful.