Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Suh Gets His Taiwanese Animation Close Up

So if Suh gets two games for just quick-stomping the arm of Packers lineman Evan Dietrick-Smith, what would the suspension be if he actually did dismember Mr. Dietrick-Smith limb-by-limb on national TV on Thanksgiving?

Four games? Six? A million?

Only twice before has an NFL player been suspended for two games, or more, for an on-field act of violence. Charles Martin for head-slamming Jim McMahon (2 games), and Albert Haynesworth for face stomping Andre Gurode (5 games). 

Methinks this was a bit harsh, but hey, it's not MY $160,000 that Roger Goodell just STOLE because he was embarassed on Thanksgiving Day over turkey.

I told the players once, I told the players repeatedly this spring and summer: "Draw a line in the sand on this suspension issue with Goodell, because the guy is out of control. You have to make this a deal breaker. Get the suspension gavel out of his hands."

They didn't listen. Or care. So now this is how it goes.

Of course, had Suh cheap-shotted somebody under the pile, or in a way that wasn't caught to clearly, or if he didn't already have a "rep" for being too rough, or if it wasn't Thanksgiving, or if Goodell wasn't so worried about the "next time" precedent....

You get the point.

The players should have said simply: "Pro football is a violent game. Sometimes, things happen. Being kicked out of games is fair. Modest fines ($20K or less) are also do-able to send a message. But we're not going to just let you steal precious paychecks in the name of 'protecting the shield.'"

All that said, Suh is a dirty bitch. Period. The rap sheet he has, is now well deserved. Very good player. Potentially great. Anger problem.

The next move, and the rest of his career is up to him.


  1. You're better at painting NFL logos than you are at analyzing the fairness of NFL suspensions. Suh deserves to be suspended. "Pro football is a violent game. Sometimes, things happen." I thought you were smarter than that.

  2. So Czabe, the guy has already been voted the league's 'dirtiest player' by his fellow players ... then just a week after meeting with Goodell to 'better understand the rules', he pulls this stunt?? OF COURSE he gets suspended ... and definitely deserved it.

  3. Suh acts like a husband being caught in bed with the babysitter..."who ya gonna believe - Me or your eyes?"

    2 games was right on target.

  4. I thought the suspension was a little harsh also....but knew it was coming after the announcers and talking heads over played it so much. Goodell was left with no choice.

    As for what causes it - Suh is actually a good guy, much nicer guy that most in the NFL. It's just the side effect of steroids is all it is. Take the roids out of the game (will never happen) and you'll see this type of stuff go way down.

  5. The guy has been fined 5 times in less than 2 full seasons for exceeding the acceptable boundries of violence on the playing field. He just had a face to face with the man trying to convince him he's not dirty. Simply fining players does nothing to the team or coaches (who encourage pushing the envelope violence) He should have suspended him 3 games because the UNION is going to make sure this is reduced to one. He's a punk (a really big mean one but a punk all the same. If he isn't sent a harsh message right now, he's going to repeat again and maybe next time seriously hurt someone.

  6. ..."Pro football is a violent game. Sometimes, things happen."
    That's agreeable ...BEFORE THE WHISTLE IS BLOWN, not after. -COME'ON CZABE!!!

    He further douche-a-fide himself with his press conference.

    He deserves everything Goodell has to throw at him & more with that display.