Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Jeff Van Gundy Once Lost A Honda Civic This Way!

St. Maarten has the most awesome plane watching beach on the planet. You can literally have the little umbrella blown out of your drink by the jetwash of a landing 747.

But, some idiots think trying to hang on to a chain link fence while a 747 is TAKING OFF, is a good idea.

This woman, paid for it with her FACE. Price, paid. Dummy.


  1. Czabe,

    You're a weird mfer.....maybe even sadistic. Just don't see how a woman breaking A jaw is funny

    Seek help.....also Solly is the only funny guy on your show.

  2. Coming soon to World's Dumbest...I never thought Tonya Harding would ever get the last laugh...