Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Night Bill Walton Smoked The Fools From Memphis For 44

In the wake of Anthony Davis' Championship Game dud - 1 for 10 albeit with 16 rebounds and 5 blocks - I thought I would conveniently post the MOST epic big man performance in NCAA Title Game history.

That would be Bill Walton's 21 for 22 scorching of Memphis in 1973.

Now, I take nothing away from the big redhead. He was awesome. Skilled, strong, smart, good shooting touch for a big man.

But at the same time, look at the style of play from almost 40 years ago.

Not only were opposing big men (and "medium men" for that matter) so ill-equipped to contest his shots, but the level of contact allowed by the officiating back in the day, makes it look like ballhandlers were dipped in a contagious disease.

Sure, Davis forced some shots last night. He was fouled alot too. At least by my eyes.

So who will Davis be? A slicker, faster, more shot-blocking Tim Duncan?

Or perhaps a more pedestrian pro, like Marcus Camby?

Time will tell.


  1. That's the way the game is supposed to be played! I wish they would go back to refereeing that way. They allow way too much contact now and it makes the game difficult to watch.

    1. Absolutely - too much wrestling, not enough artistry