Monday, April 16, 2012

Love the NHL Series Snapshot Page

Thank you webdorks at for figuring out that fans like me just want a "one sheet" summary of the entire playoff picture. Because it gets hard to remember who is leading, and which way the home-ice advantage is flowing in 8 different series.

Plus with the schedules all staggered and whatnot, and with the TV lineup so varied, this page is nice. Nice. Thank you.

My only gripe.... I can gripe, right? ... is that I would like a page like this, but it would include series results in a quick bullet-point list...

For example.

#2 BOSTON Bruins v. #7 WASHINGTON Capitals
THU: Apr 12: BOSTON 1-0 (OT)
SAT: Apr 14: WASHINGTON 2-1 (OT)

If somebody knows where you CAN find this kind of full playoffs summary "one-sheet" (or "one webpage") let me know. As you can expect, I am lazy, and a man of importance who cannot devote much time to searching this stuff down on my own.


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  1. You just need the "Hockey Night In Canada" theme

    The original

    and the Professor!