Saturday, April 7, 2012

Welcome Back, Baseball

I once worked at a golf course with a guy, who would practice bunker shots after hours, screwing around, trying to NIP the ball extra crispy, so that it would hit the green and just ZIP back with mongo amounts of spin.

Of course, this meant every third shot or so, he would completely FRY one and it would scream across the practice area green about head height at one of us other outside ops guys, trying to practice our own short games.

But don't worry, my buddy would simply shout out: "Watch your lips!"
As if that somehow, made it okay.

I once asked him: "Why in the hell do you say: 'Watch your LIPS'? Where does that come from.

He said: American Legion baseball. Pitchers would say that all the time on sharp hits.

Well, now I know why.

Indeed, folks. When you go to the game and are sitting anywhere close to the plate: do indeed, "watch your lips."

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