Monday, April 9, 2012

Skip Bayless Was Slightly Less Prolific A Scorer In HS Than Russell Westbrook

From the "".... it appears that Skip Bayless is a lying ass jock-sniffing resume-fluffer.

Oh, and he once suggested in a book that Troy Aikman was gay, because well, he was deep into his late 20's and had never been married... so BOOM, must be gay.

Aikman, to all appearances and a later marraige, does not appear gay. But, whatever. Skip's gotta go, with what makes Skip happy.

So apparently Skip took to Twitter recently to fluff up his HS hoops resume, in a needless credential check on his opinion that the Thunder's Russell Westbrook shoots too much. An opinion, about as controversial as "Carmelo Anthony is a ball hog."

Turns out, not every yearbook from Skip's high school days made the shredder, and thus, Skip is full of shit.

Yep, Skip Bayless scored a grand total of 21 points in 15 games as the “starting” point guard for the 1970 state runner-up. That averages out to 1.4 points per game. Considering his coach didn’t like him because he “shot too much,” you have to wonder how low his field goal shooting percentage was. And thank God we don’t have Skip’s stats for assists, rebounds or turnovers. 
It would be sad to see John Hollinger’s brain explode while trying to figure out Skip’s PER. 
Anyway, it’s pretty damn obvious that Skip Bayless over-exaggerated blatantly lied about his high school basketball athletic prowess just so he could appear more credible to his 500,000 Twitter followers. That’s pretty sad. It makes you wonder what other things he’s lied about during his 30+ year career as a well-known celebrity sports journalist and commentator. Maybe he’s the sports writing version of Scott Templeton and cited fake sources or just made things up in order to gain a following, like you know, claiming an A-list quarterback is gay. It wouldn’t surprise me, because if you’re going to lie about something that’s as dumb and stupid as your high school basketball career, you’ll probably lie about anything.

Read the whole expose here. And good work, I am certain, just CERTAIN that the "World Wide Leader" will be swinging into action, with an appropriate degree of discipline.

/shoots milk through nose.


  1. doesn't matter if it's positive or negative, the attention spotlight is on the Four Letter thanks to ***NON-***stories like this...make NO MISTAKE, that is their entire fucking goal...B.W.A....Bristol Wins Again, with another assist from czabe

  2. This is reminiscent of the local douche who consistently lies about his exploits and endeavors that sound way too good to be true, yet find willing morons to digest every morsel. I have never understood why people just absolutely have to be full of manure to feel important. Their own miserable past is too painful and damaging, and it would repel any new sexual conquests.

    Politicians practice fabricating details on a regular basis.

    Yet our Diet Mountain Dew swilling Skippy being outed as a total fraud should lacerate a gaping tear into the most foul facade that is Boomer's Bristol. Nicknames are so frat boy and suggest an embarrassing hazing ritual just to belong and identify with the cool kids who sit in front of the school office, and have those wild ass parties in the 'burbs.

    High school is over. Thank God.

  3. I believe the words you are looking for are "ass hat." Or "jack-wagon". or "Douche Nozzle." or "flaming mound of B.S." I despise that man. People die in flaming car crashes every day, and he doesn't have the decency to be on board.