Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Flopping Comes to Professional Golf

Bad enough when LeBron James goes into full blown "Fred Sanford Mode" just to draw a call, but this move by Eldrick after his bitter Saturday afternoon car wreck of a round was even more pathetic.
At first when I saw this incident, I thought "well, that was weird, and a bit dramatic, but okay, whatever..."

But then after rewinding and reviewing it, it looks even more fishy.

Surely, Tiger Woods, spectacular athlete, has enough peripheral vision to pick his way through a clearly defined channel of people en route to the clubhouse.

Surely, Tiger Woods, keen of senses and his own body, has the ability to adjust when it appears somebody is blocking his way - even partially.

Surely, Tiger Woods, when literally shoulder-to-head with a stationary photog, would naturally react by turning his head slightly toward the person as the collision was imminent.

Well, apparently not.

Just how sharp is the leading edge of a zoom lens? Just how much does it hurt to smash your hand into it at an approximate speed of 3 miles per hour?

By the time Tiger was done shaking his hand, flopping it around for all the world to see, looking down at it again and clutching it in apparent pain, he was halfway up the staircase to the scorers tent. By the time Roger Maltbie got to toss him a few softballs, Tiger had declared the hand "fine" and gave ol' Rog the terse smile that said: "If you know what's good for you, buddy... DROP IT!"

I have a theory about what was going on here. Tiger saw the guy jutting out just a bit to get a picture of him. Tiger hates photographers. All of them. And so he purposely drifted INTO him, with the intent to draw a collision of some sort, and made sure to have an exaggerated reaction.

It's Tiger's way of "brushing back" that photog, and every other one of them who saw it. It's the same kind of "brushback pitch" I think Tiger purposely throws when he stops his swing on the downswing to protest a wayward click with a nasty glare. I think he decides "okay, on THIS swing, I am going to check swing and glare."

And he does, knowing he has no intent of hitting the ball on that swing.

Surely, he doesn't have the kind of swing protocol to incorporate all of his positive thoughts from Sean Foley, INCLUDING a line of code - executable just micro-seconds before impact - that says: "BUT make sure to abort the swing if you hear ANY click from the photographers before impact."

No way. I just don't believe that.....

a. HE's that good...
b. That aborting swings in that manner makes any golf sense whatsoever.

So chalk this up to another bizarre, yet telling, Tiger incident that makes many golf fans scratch their heads and wonder.

"Such a great player. But what is HIS DEAL?"

I'm not sure we'll ever fully know.....


Fred Sanford: The Original Flopper

LeBron James: "Come Flop With Me" - 2012


  1. BRAVO!!! I am so fcking sick of this guy. Especially how before every tourney they have a lengthy "TIGER IS BACK" segment. He won the freaking Czabe SHootout, he is NOT back. I wish they would make the folks making those pieces on him get on air and beg for forgiveness for their stupidity in selling the Tiger is Back hype...

  2. And also notice, since the drug testing has begun, no majors. Just sayin'.

  3. Speaking of Lebron, check out this home video courtesy of Jest.com. http://www.jest.com/video/178434/lebron-james-home-movies-1996