Monday, June 4, 2012

Justin Blackmon's Heartwarming Tale Just Took A Turn For the Drunk and Stupid

Remember this touching story of Oklahoma State's stud WR? Well, just because Blackmon got pinched for "aggravated" DUI, where he was TRIPLE the legal limit, and weaving on the wrong side of the road, doesn't make this story invalid. It just should remind us to never take a sweet story, packaged by ESPN, as any kind of "proof" about what "kind of guy" somebody in sports is. Is Blackmon a "bad guy?" Not necessarily. But he certainly has a drinking problem, and a judgement problem. Had he slammed into a single mother coming home from her late shift as a nurse, killing her, then we could have another wideout be a mentor to the children left without a mother.


  1. Second time. I believe he also got busted for DUI after the his last college game...?

    What a Maroon.

  2. Spot on,Czabe. And all of us single mothers who work as nurses appreciate you getting our backs.