Tuesday, June 12, 2012

You Think Russell Westbrook Wears Dumb Crap?

Well, what about Clyde Frazier?

That dude was know to wear capes. Yeah, CAPES!

Nice look, Batman.

So what if these NBA players are rockin' the faux Sally Jesse Rafael rigs? They have blown their money on worse things in the past. I just was curious where you can get these "glasses" and what they cost. Now, thanks to this blogger, I have a starting point for my Father's Day wish list.

Of course, many NBA players now are into the fashion "thing" and GQ has a nice little slideshow with examples. Even Pistol Pete back in the day, had a bit of a hipster look off the court. I think this "thing" is better than the "tattoo thing" or the "have lots of kids out of wedlock" thing.

But trends in this league evolve slowly, so we'll see if it has any real legs.

Personally, I think one player needs to take it to the next level and go "monocle and top-hat" thing.

Now that, would be sweet.

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