Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Star Wars I: Phantom Menace - WORSE Than You Even Remember

I always knew that the new trilogy of Star Wars movies sucked intergalactic balls, but I never fully grasped just HOW MUCH they sucked, until I came upon this glorious and hilarious 1-hour takedown, courtesy of some creative guy in his basement and Al Gore's miracle invention, The InterWebs!


  1. yah i came on here to watch a 29:13 video on star wars and not a 29:13 ensemble of snicki vidoes. good gawd!!

  2. That review was hilarious, Czabe!

    I have never considered myself to be a die hard star wars guy, but I did enjoy the original series. I, too, hated the newer ones. That guy pretty much summed up all the reasons why they're terrible in that video.

    Very funny.

  3. These guys are milwaukee boys. Their other reviews are fantastic and their weekly review show, Half in the Bag, is the best film review show since...ever.