Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sergio Garcia Hates Microphones... and Self Discipline

Sergio Garcia is a little bitch, who will never win a major because he's mentally weak.

He added to his already long list of pathetic meltdowns on various Tours, with a demolition of an NBC microphone at Olympic.

That of course, is in addition to his spitting in the cup at Doral.

And if you watch this "Top 10 Golf Tantrums" video, he's got two spots covered, including Numero Uno.

His nickname is El Nino, or "The Child."

Yep, they got that right.


  1. Any top ten list of golf tantrums that doesn't include Woody Austin beating himself in the head with a putter is without merit!

  2. How the hell does Tiger escape the list???

  3. Dought conditions. SNICKY drought, that is.

  4. what thompaa said...nothing tops woody's meltdown