Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Yep, These Pretty Much Sum Up My Thoughts Exactly

A lot of big things went down while I was on vacation, and instead of blog about them incessantly, here, just look at these.

Couldn't agree more...


  1. Am I wrong or did not Greg Williams ADMIT the bounty system(s), were a FACT...?

  2. yeah ..... While I agree that Goodell wields too much power, etc.

    But .... 'Hearsay evidence'??

  3. Just to refresh everyone's memory...

    “I want to express my sincere regret and apology to the NFL, Mr. Benson, and the New Orleans Saints fans for my participation in the ‘pay for performance’ program while I was with the Saints,” Williams said. “It was a terrible mistake, and we knew it was wrong while we were doing it. Instead of getting caught up in it, I should have stopped it. I take full responsibility for my role. I am truly sorry. I have learned a hard lesson and I guarantee that I will never participate in or allow this kind of activity to happen again.” - Gregg Williams.

  4. You are all missing the point. It not that "Bountygate" did not happen. It did. It's the evidence that Goddell says he has on Vilma and Hargrove in their participation. It is that in which in dispute because the Commissioner has no solid proof. Anyway, to think that pay for performance only occured with the Saints or in the NFL would be naive.

  5. So, their coach admits the system was in place but the leaders of his defense didn't participate.

    Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.