Monday, June 10, 2013

Chad Johnson's Clownery Gets Him 30 Days In the Can

Okay, two things.

1. What a dummy! When you are getting a "good deal" in front of a judge, you TAKE IT... and shut your mouth! (and keep your hands to yourself!)

2. Man, what a bitch!

As you were, kids. Remember: cute judges can still do irrational and vindictive things. That, and jail ain't no fun. Even for just 30 days.

Wonder if he'll get to tweet from jail? Do you get two tweets and one phone call? Or other way around?


  1. Cute, her?!
    A little bit from this judge:

    Sorry but Florida judges rank up there with law enforcement in Hazzard County in terms of credibility in my book.

  2. Wow! She goes from perfectly normal into full on bitch mode in 2 seconds. Sounds like someone might have that special, monthly visitor. This is what happens when women in positions of authority have to deal with hormone issues.

  3. just act like a normal person for a few more minutes and you are out of there. Didn't he headbutt his wife? His is an ass hat, she probably should have thrown his ass in jail from the beginning.

  4. No doubt he is a fool of the 'enth degree but this lady judge could possibly be the biggest beotch i've ever seen. and trust me i've seen alot.

  5. She has 18 years court room experience including as a public defender so she knows what’s appropriate and what’s not. She was right to jump on him for his antics especially since this was related to a domestic abuse charge. It would have been nice if she found a more creative punishment than 30 days in jail. Yeah she’s cute…but she’s no Katherine Webb.

  6. The dude got what he deserved. Once a clown always a clown.

  7. He definitely got what he deserved for just being an idiot in the courtroom.
    However ..... disrespect / abuse your wife?? no problem.

    disrespect the judge?? Aww HELL NO!

    Just seems backwards to me.