Friday, June 28, 2013

I Try To Keep Politics Out....

... of the sports radio show, but you people know that's hard sometimes. Here's a case where a political "pro" (Kevin Madden of "Face the Nation") admits to listening to my show on his drive in to work.... and I've never even met him! Thanks Kevin!

Breakfast of champions: What’s your morning media diet?
SC: Playbook as soon as it’s out, quick scan of Times and Post, a little “Morning Joe” and of course I’m all about CNN’s “New Day.”

KM: I generally scan Twitter news feeds at that hour to see what, if anything, happened overnight that will shape the morning news cycle. My drive to the office is dominated by about 20 minutes of listening to Steve Czaban’s sports-talk program on Yahoo radio. Then once in the office, I read through all the “morning reads” emails like CNN’s Political Ticker, The Note, The Morning Fix, First Read, EarlyBird, POLITICO’s Playbook and Morning Money, the Huddle and all the energy, tech and other issue briefings that I subscribe to. My main hard copy reading is The Wall Street Journal.


  1. You should offer him one week of free shows for the plug!

  2. How is Cutter not being prosecuted for violation of election/campaign laws for coordinating with a 501 organization?