Saturday, June 22, 2013

Still The King.... of Douchebaggery

Abraham Lincoln once said: "People who like this sort of thing will find this the sort of thing they like. "

As you can see by the comments on his Instagram feed, plenty of people REALLY do like LeFlopsy "giving it" to all of his "haters."

Because that's the sort of thing they like.

God bless 'em.

You and I won't win that argument.

Way to go, BronBron. You are the first, and only player to have ever won tw..... wait... what? Oh yeah, that's right. A jillion guys have at LEAST two rings.

Robert Horry has 7. Ron Harper has 5.

I'd list your ranking, but the Wikipedia page stops at a massive tie for 26th place with 4 rings.

It's like what Dan Hicks said when Tiger sank that putt to tie Rocco Mediate: "Did you expect anything different!?"

Did you expect anything different from THIS guy?

Of course not. 

Welcome back to social media, LeBron. The coast is clear. Please remember to tip Ray Allen generously.


  1. He has the same number of rings as Will Perdue and Dickey Simpkins!

  2. ...and still a hell of a long way to 8 rings. Mission 25% Accomplished.

  3. Tip the Game 6 officials generously too. The late possession no-calls on obvious fouls by the Heat were shameful. Instead of Ray Allen to the line to go up three, it should have been Manu to the line for chance to take lead. Danny Green body blocked out of bounds on final shot. Parker knocked 15 feet out of bounds on last shot in regulation. Gloat all you want L James. DBag!

  4. Brett Favre has the same amount of Super Bowl rings as Trent Dilfer.

  5. At some point, through changes in LeBrons character or game or both, he has become what we hoped he would. Holding on to a visceral hatred of someone and publishing on your national blog what a douchebag he is because he said he was very blessed to be where he was and loves is job doesn't really say anything about LeBron, because all of the comments by his supporters are just that, comments by other people. It does however speak about you.
    "Look I wasn't wrong about LBJ!! LBJ is still a choking loser Dbag because when he is humble after his success idiots on twitter say things!" "Pay no attention to the Finals MVP's and the clutch points at the end every important game. Pay no attention to the highest scoring average in closeout games in the history of the NBA!

  6. Czabe is still the King....of denial