Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Horrible and/or Ironic Ways To Die: #2,894

Shopping cart.



Smash... smash... SUHMASH!

"According to a report on Stomp and QQ two men had loaded a trolley of their own with 15 crates of drinks, instead of using a supermarket trolley - store trolleys are adapted to lock onto the ridges on the escalator. 

Police are currently investigating the incident."

/cue Jackie Chiles

"How much Snapple was on that shopping cart? What flavor Snapple? Do you know what one case of Snapple weighs? I love Snapple, don't you ladies and gentlemen of the jury?"


  1. Steve,

    I'm a big fan, but I think you got this wrong. I find absolutely no humor in this one.


  2. I agree, this borders on snuff film. While I must admit I have a morbid fascination with them sometimes, the jocularity with which you presented it was a bit below you Czabe.

    That being said, I still miss you while you're on vacation!!

  3. Czabe is on vacation and Czabe.com is getting updated on a daily basis? WTF, is it raining in the OBX? Go spend time with the family.

  4. I'm confused. Is the person who gets hit in the video one of the people who moronically put the cart on the escalator? Or are we just watching an innocent person having their life crushed out because of the actions of a couple of careless jerks? If it's the latter it's anything but amusing, it's just sad.

  5. That would be b) Innocent person being killed because of someone else's stupidity. It wasn't funny when Czabe yucked it up on Bob and Brian this morning (I could tell Brian was very uncomfortable that video this was being laughed about btw). Ain't funny now.

    I realize a huge portion of the B and B audience are south side morons but even this is below them. Disgusting fodder for "humor", and this, mind you, from someone who says the country is culturally and politically going to hell.

    PS: Nice insanely hypocritical pimping for the DUI-case-chasing law firm there Czabe. "If you are f-ing loaded and kill someone, give us a call"... Nauseating...

  6. This is beyond sickening the more I watch. How 'bout your wife gets mowed down on a security cam (for all to see) by a couple of idiots there Czabe? Fun stuff. Chinese low IQ dipshits would love it.

    Stitch the clown suit yourself. You know your measurements already anyway. Good christ.

  7. Czabe, you have every right to post pretty much anything you want on your blog. Your call.

    But Bill is right.

    If I were a sponsor (or Yahoo), I'd be pulling my deal with you pretty quickly. This is well beneath you - and most of your audience.

  8. czabe you awesome insensitive mothertrucker!!! i find the video sad and in a wird way funny as well. i was listening to you and B&B like i do every day when you brought this up. i dont know what the hell i would do at 800 if the czabe wasnt on, but a anywho, screw these sensative cyrbabies jimmy masterlock duuuuuuugan would have a field day with them!!!

  9. I've listened to you for years, so you can't write me off as some hater. But I will say that for some reason, over the course of the last year, you seem to for some reason have decided to become a hack shock jock. Maybe it was your suspension... I don't know what. Other people would say you're a talentless hack, but you're not talentless... which makes your decision to go so lowbrow lately so confusing.

    Your career isn't going to last much longer if you keep exercising the judgement you have been lately. Your treatment of this topic is disgusting; you should be ashamed of yourself, and if I was your wife, I'd be worried how much longer the media gravytrain was going to be visiting your direct deposit account.

    The act you're doing now.... dime a dozen. Your competition in DC in afternoon drive looks downright professional to the crap you're trotting out lately. I have no idea what you're doing.

  10. I'm not a hater either. Problem is, I'm not a mullet-and-mustache-moron like mike anderson...

    You trash your reputation and credibility with this crap Czaban. And you are a talented guy. I'm glad Brian at least seemed disturbed that this was the subject of laughter (on a "sports" segment mind you).

    You go the low road for low rent audience ratings or whatever after all these years, fuck you, you POS hypocrite. Larry Flynt is rich too. I'm sure your kids and the dipshit mullet morons are laughing at your Jackie Chiles reference. Hilarious.

    Jay Weber on WISN is a far better option at 8:10 AM in Milwaukee if this is not something you think is funny...

  11. You've accomplished something pretty impressive here, Czabe. Usually, no matter how tasteless, or hyperpolitical, your posts are, you will always have at least half (if not most) of the comments posted by your sycophant army applauding you for sending whatever kind of message you're sending.

    This time, with the exception of that moron Mike Anderson, everyone is expressing everything from distaste to outright disgust. Either your dittoheads are staying quiet on this one... or they've turned on you, too.

    Perhaps this may be a wake up call for you to stick to what you know, which is sports.... although, I doubt it.

  12. I didn't think you would be so low to show someone actually die. You earned yourself 1 less fan. I will put some effort to make sure your sponsers are aware that this is the kind of thing you post to your blog.

    Maybe if you wife or a love one dies, we can video record it and we can put her video online and so everyone can watch it.

  13. Big fan Steve but I have to agree, bad move. This is a good example of why you got off twitter.

  14. LONG time fan, but, dude. Seriously? Either you, your producer or WHOMever is making the decisions needs help. I thought I was the baddest, most uncaring guy on the block. I'm just shaking my head now and glad I am NOT.