Wednesday, June 12, 2013

LeBron Apparently Learned His Flopping From Sesame Street

Remember the stumbling, bumbling chef on the classic Sesame Street?

Well, obviously LeBron has been watching these old YouTube clips for tips and tricks.

This is a limited reel of his all time flops. He had another one last night in Game 3, which of course got him a courtesy foul call, and then minutes later when he "panther-swipes" Tim Duncan and gives him a face rake with an arm gouge (but hey, did get the ball... WITH HIS ELBOW!) the refs swallow their whistled.

Just a total f'ing joke.


  1. That's all totally legit...for Soccer.

  2. I'm advocating for the new cabinet position of Flopmaster General. Lebron James is to be the permanent incumbant of this seat. Why anyone watches this league anymore, is beyond me.

  3. Haven't watched basket ball in over a decade. The highlights are basically the same. Just change the uniform color/team/venue and it's some guy making the same buzzer beater from practically the same spot. I understand the talent and athleticism needed in the game but that's all wasted if you're just going to flop like that. The refs don't help either.

  4. He actually learned how to flop from this guy.