Monday, December 23, 2013

Cam! Caaaaaammmm!

Ladies and gentlemen, Cameron Newton has officially arrived.

I was once among the doubters - not a hater, a doubter, that's all - and yesterday what I saw from him in the final :55 was enough make me swoon.

:55 left
Down 13-10.
0 Time Outs
Ball on his own 35
1st and 10

Newton drops back in the pocket and stands tall as pass rushers pinch in, and force him to inch his way up. After waiting for a slow developing 25 yard in-route to finally uncover, he throws a wicked missile that Ted Ginn Jr. snags about 8 feet off the deck, in perfect stride, and continues on for another 12 or so yards AND gets out of bounds to stop the clock.

Watch the throw again. Newton doesn't flinch when big fat NT Broderick Bunkley is mere inches from his face, close enough to smell the big ugly's morning breakfast. His arm even crashes into the surging Bunkley as he delivers.

That, football fans, is some serious "pocket nerve" by a guy who began his career as a mere "run-around act."

Two plays later, another lazer beam, this time threaded into TE Greg Olsen at a speed and rifle barreled spiral that I bet would take your or my head off if we tried to catch such a thing.

Move the chains.

As the clock ticks, and analysts like Troy Aikman start talking about being safe and kicking a FG to tie, Newton lines up for the dagger.

Rob Ryan dials up "casino" - or, all-out blitz.

FS Malcolm Jenkins comes blistering in unblocked, radar lock on The Big Number One.

RB DeAngelo Williams just barely gets a hand on him to re-direct. As Jenkins comes flying by, he reaches out a hand that glances off Superman's cape.

Superman doesn't even flinch.

Eye level stays straight as a string
Feet don't get jittery.
Dead calm, when hell is breaking loose around him.

Bullet to Dominick Hickson in the front corner of the end zone.

Ladies and Gentlemen… CAM NEWTON…. has arrived!


  1. on the TD throw, it was Tolbert not Williams who blocked Jenkins.

  2. He's ok, but he's no Nick Foles. Czabe is a certified Eagles hater so he will never give credit where it's due, but Foles and Chip Kelly are the real deal.

  3. Hixon is the correct spelling for the receiver.
    Cam has fewer weapons than Kaepernick, Luck, Wilson or RGIII.
    He has developed into a winner.

  4. I live here now but grew up in the Charlotte area and am a huge Panther fan so this brings me joy. Cam has truly grown up, and turned into a complete football player. This is at least the 3rd 4th Qtr comeback this yr, but none more dramatic than yesterday. Fans wanted him out last yr as they are fickle. Hopefully RGIII can make a similar leap in yr 3. Merry Christmas Czabe.

  5. I can only pray that RG III will experience a similar resurgence... sadly I fear he will not... he's just not build for the trade mentally or physically. Either his ego and immaturity or his undersized body will not allow him to achieve a true level of success the way Cam has.