Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Peregrine. F***ing. Falcon! UPDATE: "Cooper's Hawk." DAMMIT!

As a self-described "Bird Nerd" THIS... is pretty damn cool!

I had noticed a strange bird swooping by my feeders out on the "Monogamous Compound" and wondered what the F is THAT thing?

A few blurry glimpses. A few aborted attempts at a photo.

Then today, my lovely wife snaps a lovely perched shot of this guy under a blanket of December snow.

Peregrine. F***ing. Falcon.


Fastest bird... nay ANIMAL... in the world!

Can swoop down at 200 F'ING MILES PER HOUR!

Eats rock doves, apparently.

Which makes sense, because I have so many rock doves around my feeder it's looks like a damn Sizzler for predatory apex birds!

>>>>>>> UPDATE >>>>>>>>

Thanks to many better eyed BIRD NERDS out there.... for correcting.

I am crestfallen. BUT... still happy to have attracted a spectacular "Cooper's Hawk."

I shall add it to my collection.


  1. I don't think that is a Peregrine, they are blue - gray and don't have that much white on their belly. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/9f/Falco_peregrinus_-Nova_Scotia,_Canada_-eating-8.jpg

  2. Yeah I was gonna say - that looks like your standard old hawk to me. LOL at Czabe being a self proclaimed bird nut and not even knowing what you standard hawk looks like.

  3. Any raptor in your yard is cool to see regardless of the type.

  4. although, there is the possibility that its a sharp-shinned hawk. they are almost identical to the coopers hawk, size is the big indicator. I am still leaning towards the coopers hawk

  5. Wish he had a better shoot of the tail - off the pic I'd say Coopers. Looks like the undertail coverts are white. Sharp-shinned doesn't perch often and although size is hard to judge here, it appears to be later than a crow.

  6. Those things eat my neighbors pigeons like their candy.

  7. Indeed a Coopers but still very cool. I had one in the backyard a few winters ago right outside my kitchen window disemboweling a rabbit it had just snagged under my bird feeder. Disturbing yet I watched and filmed the whole thing.