Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I Know This.... It Can't Be Me!

Nothing irks quite like a boss who lacks accountability for his own screw ups.

So if RGIII has fallen into terrible mechanics, doesn't like watching his own bad plays in front of the team in film session, and isn't making good reads in the pocket.... is Shanahan's fault. He's the coach, and he bought the kid. Work with him.

If Dan Snyder is way too far up the QB's ass, sniffing farts and taking him out to bromance dinners by candlelight....

... it is Shanahan's fault. Because he should have told the owner in no uncertain terms that those things are bad for the lockeroom, bad for Snyder himself, and certainly bad for Griffin in the long run.

If Griffin pressured Shanahan to make sure he started Week 1 with no pre-season and very little full scale action in training camp coming off that knee injury - just so he could fulfill an Adidas marketing campaign to be "#all-in" for Week 1...

.. it is Shanahan's fault for allowing that to happen, and not doing what's best for the team.

If the rest of the team is so piss poor it can't hold opponents to under 30 points, or not set constant brush fires on special teams that ruin games....

... it is Shanahan's fault for neglecting to give full attention and effort to building a whole team.

If you don't notice a trend here... I'll just say it loud and proud: THIS IS ALL SHANAHAN'S FAULT!

It's his fault, because he took the 5-year, $35 million dollar deal to coach this team, and to work for this owner, and to spend 4 extremely high draft picks on Griffin.

It's his fault for getting and having full coaching staff and roster control, and delivering a weak team and a mediocre staff (if that) in the vaunted 4th year of a 5 year re-building plan.

(Note: The Chiefs, Eagles, Bears, and Cardinals ALL have spanking new coaches, and winning records. Five year plan? The hell they say!)

The frantically comical, revisionist history spiel of nonsense this guy rolled out at Redskins Park today was nothing short of a showcase showdown of crazy.

He said all that, because he really thinks all that.

Reality, be damned.

And yeah, people get that way in life. Haven't we all known them?

In Japanese culture, business leaders and CEO's would rather jump on a sushi blade than pass the buck on their company's failure.

Mike Shanahan decides it's time to change quarterbacks. Again.

You could design an iphone app that changes QB's when the record reaches double-digit losses. You don't need a $7 million maniac like this guy.

We went from Campbell to McNabb. McNabb to Rex. Rex to Beck. Beck back to Rex. Rex to RG3. Now RG3 to Cousins.

It's can't be him, people. It just can't.

Jake Plummer knows all about Shanny's modus operandi. It didn't take long for USA Today to reach him on Wednesday.
Plummer, 38, led Shanahan's 2005 Broncos to a 13-3 season and No. 2 seed before Denver was eliminated by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Championship Game. Shanahan benched Plummer for then rookie Cutler the next season after the veteran led the Broncos to a 7-4 start.
"I just know from my experience sometimes Shanahan would ask too much of me,'' he said. "I was pretty good. But I was no Peyton Manning. I had to fight every day. 
"A similar situation happened with me, and it happened with Donovan McNabb (benched Dec. 17, 2010 by Shanahan) because we had our own styles, and it didn't mesh with what Mike wanted. What I see happening there isn't the same, but it is similar. 
"Mike definitely rubbed me the wrong way in some ways. Also, he did some great things in resurrecting my career. Overall, I was grateful to be coached by him. But I was a square peg in a round hole. I didn't fit what he really wanted me to be, and he moved on to somebody else.''
I don't know if the "true" RG3 is closer to the player he was last season, or closer to the one he has slumped to this season. But I do know this. We ARE "#all-in" on this guy because of the price that was paid. We are all-in because he was so electric last season in winning rookie of the year.

You gotta ride him out to the end of his 5 year rookie contract before you even THINK about going in a new direction. Funny, because where's the patience from Shanahan?

He browbeat Griffin into having it, so he wouldn't return too quickly. Remember "Operation Patience?"

He browbeat the fanbase into it, saying things were much worse than he expected when he took over for Vinny and Zorn.

So where's HIS patience?


You can listen to his stupid spiel about the vaunted "off-season program" until you collapse. If the off-season program was so crucial, how come he allowed Griffin to start week 1 this year without it?

But NOW, it's important. Got it.

For those who want season tickets to the glorious "Off-Season Program", let it be known last year it began April 15th.


There were 6 days of OTA's in May.
Four more in June.

Then a 3-day mandatory mini-camp.

I'm gonna say Griffin is gonna be very "fresh" for these.

Meanwhile, I'll be there in January to help Shanny clean out his office for good this time.

What a dick.


  1. It really irks me that the Media in DC has been circling Shanahan, just because he has never been "candid" with them. He doesn't owe you anything. He doesn't owe the media anything. I hear you whine and cry about how much you hate him. Heck, you hate every coach the Redskins have had, since you've been on the DC airwaves. You always whine and moan, yet, you never have an answer. Who do you feel should coach, Czabe? You complained about Norv, you complained about Marty, you complained about the OBC, you complained about Joe Gibbs (heck, you were rude and such a smart@$$ to him on various occasions) . You gushed over Jim Zorn when they were winning and then turned on him as soon as they were losing. I remember you gushing about how innovative he was... remember that? And now, you have always disliked Shanahan because he didn't tell you or the media any juicy tidbits.

    Are you going to put your name in the hat to be the Redskins coach when Shanny is fired? Do you have someone in mind to take over?

    Until you do, all you seem like to me, is a petulant little kid, in a middle aged man's body, whining because he can't have a piece of candy.

    I like you a lot better when you don't have a national show... it seems like you play the "@$$hole" shtick a lot more when you have a morning show... the time when you were just on DC airwaves, you were a lot better to listen to... maybe it's just because you are tired and cranky from doing a 6am show and a 4pm show... maybe you should go back to that, so you can get some rest and a lot less annoying to listen to.

  2. Nice post Steve Schnell.

    "It's not my job to tell you anything." Mike Shanahan

    I don't think Mike deserves all the blame Czabe. 20 years from now & another 10 coaches later we'll look back at this time as another missed opportunity for Dan to stop interfering with football operations.

    If Griffin has been circumventing Mike & Kyle and getting Dan involved with how he would like the offense ran, then coaches might have lost trust in the Griffin also. Why else would Griffin feel confident enough to disrespect Kyle publicly unless his relationship with Dan was nice and cozy ?

    Whether or not you believe the reason Mike gave publicly to shut down Griffin, Mike should have the authority to make that decision.

    Mike is not going to say publicly, what I feel is the true reason he decided to start Cousins, that he wanted to see if Griffin would again run to Dan to intervene in the decision. Like spoiled children, Mike is forcing the owner & the QB to both acknowledge the HC is th ultimate authority when it comes to football operations.

    Additionally, nothing gets Mike more upset then players who are not prepared. Griffin has been throwing horrible, high-school like, lock-on and read INTs. Griffin's inability to quick-release the ball is also major reason for so many sacks. Mike should have the authority as HC to bench a player if they are not performing. Even if that player is the franchise QB.

  3. Czabe, I wonder... just wonder... if it *is* the coaches fault that RG3 is the way is he, with his relationship with the owner and feeling he is entitled to be lazy, speak out, have his Dad making team decisions, etc., that maybe Shanahan is benching RG3 to get the message across that he *isn't* more important than the team and that his relationship with the owner doesn't make him super special. Because if it did make him super special, Snyder would lay the lumber and make sure his special little buddy was back as the starting QB.

    Maybe, just maybe, Shanahan isn't moving on the next guy in line, but doing that only thing he has left to try and bring RG3 back to being a good player.

    Don't know for sure, but I like to give people the benefit of the doubt instead of claiming I know exactly what a persons motivations are.

  4. I'm OK with Shanahan's manipulations. These CODDLED athletes have been babied ever since high school. Griffin is probably a well-practiced liar and he must have interviewed well. We can all remember the hoopla about the draft when he almost went #1, #1. Clearly the guy isn't making easy passes; how is that all Shanahan's fault?

    Zaban, (yes I spelled it wrong on purpose because that is like missing a touchdown pass that is open) you of all people know that the modern **star** athlete can't actually be told what is wrong with him. There have to be manipulations and half-truths put out through hidden press leaks. Case in point(s): who is the winning-est NBA coach? Master manipulator Phil Jackson, expert in half-truths and just the right amount of coddling. What had to happen for "Le-Brick" to earn "The King?" some humility lessons in bad finals performance and a good manipulative team, Riley and Spoelstra-- Spoelstra is the king of ass kissing and massaging his teams ego. And finally, you yourself commented on the whole "Tiger-Cheater-Gate" mess-- someone can't even bring into light Tiger's dubious actions on the course without risking his job!!

    Shanahan is just in the middle of Griffin's bratty "things aren't going right for me and it's everyone ELSE's FAULT" stage. Firing Shanahan won't bring relief for you guys, and all five years of Griffin's contract will go bad if some truce between the team isn't reached. I sincerely hope Shanahan and his son stay around with the tacit blessing of Snyder to reign in Griffin.

  5. After further digging into your "Rant", I can't find any evidence that Campbell started the Game 1 2010 regular season game (inaccuracy in rant). And NO MENTION of the terrible HAYNESWORTH contract that began exactly ONE YEAR BEFORE Shanahan got there which strapped your team at the salary limit for Shanahan's first 3 years, right? So looking at the rest of your rant, it would seem to me that Macnabb, Grossman, and Beck were all there in 2010 for Shanahan to work with-- Grossman was the best of the lot through 2012-- and it shows me Shanahan WASN'T afraid to change someone out that wasn't performing. What was Shanahan supposed to do with that canned spam? Magically turn it into filet mignon? Blame your owner for not spending any money on the right stuff. The issue of DRAFTING RG3 is a different argument; everyone was saying he was going to be worth it, and the guy performed off the charts in all the interviews and athletic practices. What else can you do?

  6. Agree with most of the commentors. While The Lobster is not without fault, when it comes to blame it should be more Danny, less Shanny.

  7. Thank you Czabe. The Sports Fix guys are unbearable with their Shanny support. Shanny is a terrible coach, and a terrible human being. What is their left to defend? Shanahan is damn close to Zorn in record, in having 1 win streak amidst a world of failure (6 for Zorn 7 for Shanny), in his inability to make in game changes, and getting thoroughly outcoached by every other staff in the league. Shanahan purposely sabotaged RG3 because he has a warped view of reality. Dan Snyder had dinner with his best asset.... and...? It is an absurd excuse for failure by a pathetic man.

  8. Only a few weeks ago most if not all the writers and "Self Appointed Raido Sports Stars" were screaming to keep this Scamahan and let him see this through, now being the Rats that they are they jump ship to "be in the moment" with the rest of the sheep. Only Czabe and Wilbon have seen through this Ponzi Scheme since day 1, and when the R E D S K I N S!! hire their next coach I will look forward to both their takes on the Next To Be Fired Coach. I saw thur that 7 game fluke last year as anybody with any football sense could see the Red Lobster had that deer in the headlights look I honestly think he had no idea how they were winning and just wanted to stay the hell out of the way, and when he did get in the way he dam near ended the carrer of a promsing QB. So all you "Imbedded Writers and Radio Host" I hope the next regime keeps your noses out of thier butts. I will get the real no bull shit takes from Czabe

    Gary Nelson

  9. So many of my fellow Redskins fans are engaged in such loser talk I can't understand it. I literally can't see a solitary reason to defend a coach who averages 10 losses a season, tried to sabatoge the biggest star to hit this town in decades, is consistently outcoached and outgameplanned, has terrible clock management, has failed with 4 QBs, and has complete control over the roster!! The man is an epic failure, and a pathetic human being to boot. Keeping a guy like that is a move toward failure.

  10. I gotta keep repeating what I said when they drafted RG3....

    They needed "everything"....far more than just a good UP to get 1 guy was a crazy stupid move. They could have traded DOWN to fill more than 1 hole and drafted a better QB (Russell Wilson) to boot. As I said back then and continue to repeat - anyone with a shred of football sense that watched Russell Wilson play in college KNEW he was going to be a damn good QB in the NFL.

  11. Czabe--- I empathize with you.
    The shanahan has bugged me since the 1998 Super Bowl. Green Bay could have saved you the misery had they just been ready to play.

  12. I like you Czabe, you’re a smartass who’s pretty funny and keeps the jive alive. But for as long as I’ve been listening to you, you’ve perpetuated drama and intrigue with the Redskins at the expense of objectivity and, dare I say, optimism. You’ve frequently been the first to criticize coaches and players often before they’ve had any chance to establish themselves. I’ve heard you gush praise a time or two, but mostly I’ve heard you communicate your take on the underbelly, real or imagined. I think your mind just goes there quicker than most.

    Just imagine however, that all this “drama” that you and all the other media outlets have feasted on, didn’t exist at all. Imagine that Shannahan’s decision to bench Griffin was based on the simple fact that the season is lost and there is absolutely no reason to play him, and get this, he might run the risk of getting hurt in some meaningless games. Let’s also imagine that Shannahan, like most of the Redskin fan base, is really curios to see what Cousins can do in a few consecutive live games, at very little risk, given the lost season. Sounds crazy doesn’t it. There’s got to be more to it than that. But what if there wasn’t. What if all this drama was really just some good old fashion common sense. No deception, no intrigue, no owner-coach stand-off. Man what would that do to your ratings? What would the NFL insiders talk about?

    The Redskins came into this season woefully under prepared. That’s on Shannahan. RG3 should have never started the season. That’s on Shannahan. The defense and special teams have been dreadful. That too is on Shannahan, but it’s also on a $36MM cap hit that would have come in handy filling a few holes. Let’s then focus on the big question: What’s next? Let’s see what Cousins can do. If he kills it, like I think he will, let’s have a real QB competition in the offseason and preseason. I personally think that Griffin would make an excellent change of pace QB who’s a real running threat (assuming he gets healthy and back to his old form). Let’s not try to turn him into something he’s not nor ever has been. Fill a couple of holes on the O-line and defense. Find a playmaker on special teams and for god’s sake’s improve the kicking game. Six new players and a couple of asst. coaching changes, and I think you’ve got a team again. Yes, and I think you keep the Shannahans and Bruce Allen in place. How boring is that?

  13. The Skins haven't been relevant since the 90's. Three winning seasons since 2000 proves that this is bigger than Shanny and RG3. Skins fans should be used to crappiness...

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