Sunday, February 1, 2009

Chris Berman Sure Does Love Me-So-Me!

I heard this stat on Chris Russo's Saturday show on XM 144 driving home from the Baltimore airport. It sounds too incredible to be true, but knowing who it involves, I am actually not surprised.

On Thursday in Tampa, Chris Berman of ESPN received the "Pat Summerall Award" for having "demonstrated character, integrity and leadership."

His acceptance speech: 43 minutes.

Earlier in the week, one Chesley B. Sullenberger accepted an award in his hometown for having saved 155 souls with quick thinking, nerves of steele, and true bravery.

His acceptance speech: 28 seconds.

Again, I am not shocked.

Now, do you think Berman got the Summerall Award for his "integrity" when he had to grudgingly give up a Super Bowl ring given to him by the San Francisco 49ers?

Or when he would gladly elbow out of the way colleagues at ESPN who had worked an entire season on their sport just to airdrop into the finals?

Or do you think it was for his "leadership" on the set of ABC's Monday Night Football pre-game show?

Nah. I'm saying he got the award for his "character" in knowing when to pull the leather-clad hotties from the bar at closing time.

ESPN. They do what they want.


What are you going to do about it?

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