Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Great White Guppy Is Sensitive To Your Pain

I’ve always known that Greg Norman was a king douchebag.

It’s great to get continued confirmation.

Norman opened his golden cakehole and declared that “Prize money's being scaled back in Europe, I wouldn't be surprised if prize money's scaled back in the US just out of respect to every citizen and taxpayer over there who's suffering dramatically.”
"It seems like on the PGA Tour the players are still playing for a million dollars first week, like they're recession-proof."

Okay, where do we start?

First, golfers are not “recession proof.” The PGA Tour simply hasn’t been hit hard – yet – because of the foresight of the tour to get most events locked up in contracts that run through 2010 or longer. Trust me, their day is coming.

Secondly, the thought of giving money back “out of respect” is just nuts. Where would that money go? In whose pockets? And how would that “help” anybody who is “struggling.”

Plus, it’s pretty easy for a guy like him - $100 million in the bank, even post divorce – to suggest other people take less money.

Just like that the clown in Connecticut who grilled Jim Calhoun about whether his $1.6 million annual salary was “enough.” Now the governor is upset at Calhoun. She didn’t like his “tone” in that rant.

Well maybe she should worry about the $2 billion (that’s 2,000 million) hole in her state budget. Because it would take more than a thousand Jim Calhoun’s to plug that one.

Who else here is creeped out by the thought of some un-ethical, journalist wanna-be hippie deciding what is “enough” money for a highly successful basketball coach?

Remember the Marxist mantra: “From each according to ability, to each according to need.”

This is, still, America, right? Does he realize how many years Calhoun plugged along as a grossly underpaid assistant coach to get to this pinnacle in his career?

Never mind that Calhoun’s program runs a profit. Never mind that plenty of other university employees are paid six figure salaries without drawing a single penny of revenue. Never mind that giving Calhoun a haircut in salary might prompt him to retire, or quit and take a job at a private university, putting the UConn program on a money losing.

Nah. Never mind all that. Focus on “feelings” and being “sensitive.”


  1. i'm no fan of calhoun but he was right in both his answer and his tone. it's like the famous story about the reporter who said something to babe ruth about making more money than the president - i think it was hoover - and babe said something like, "Yea but I had a better year than he did."

    Calhoun brought UConn to prominence and brings in more money to the University than any other single individual and certainly more than any other state employee. and i think it's safe to say he's had many better years than whoever the political hack is that's the governor of the state.

  2. Greg Norman is a donkey. Don't quote me on this but doesn't he run a golf club line to go along with a clothing line also. Oh yeah there's a wine catalog with his name on it also. Most pga guys, the ones who don't make any majors in there hole life of golf, never have the kind of money to even invest into the throw money at something greg norman. Hey choker, be like tiger, sponsor a tournament or two ya donkey.

  3. The only good news about Greg Norman playing so well at the British Open last Summer is we all get the chance to see him fire 78-82, MC at Augusta in April. Shut up Mr. Just As Many Majors As Andy North. Just go away.

  4. Why is giving money back out of respect "nuts"? You ask where would it go? How about knocking a small percentage off of the total purse and contributing it to a fund for scholarships for young local caddies? OR for hiring more locals as parking lot attendants or, or...... The point is that there are a number of ways one could make a creative gesture which would cost little and have the potential to do some good.
    Roger Goodell just took a 20% pay cut as a sign of "respect" for the current crisis. Ford Motor Co's top execs did the same. Why is it nuts to suggest as a possibility that pampered, fly-from-event-to-event in their own private planes do the same as a gesture of goodwill. OK - they all aren't in the same "earnings league" so, take the percentage form the purse of the top 10 finishers. The PR generated by such a move would almost certainly be beneficial in the long run. I guess it's easy to denigrate having "feelings" or being "sensitive" to the plight of millions of your fellow citizens as long as you have a steady gig.
    By the way, Norman may indeed be a Dick for all I know but.... how many jobs and tax revenues do you think his various business enterprises, not to mention his charitable foundation generates. Try looking at the whole picture and not just that which can be seen from behind your Rush Limbaugh 2-D glasses.

  5. Hey Rick, look up how much the PGA gives in charitable donations a year. Then look up the same for the NFL, where the "respectful" commissioner took his 20% pay cut. Now get the hell outta here...

  6. Czabe, had to post this. Seems as if Mr. Saturday Slam would have won more majors if Chrissie was his wife back in his runner up days. Love how he disses his ex here in this interview after the Senior British Open, yet another tournament where he had a third round lead and failed.,25197,25816647-16957,00.html