Monday, February 23, 2009

Get Your Automatic Bid To Czabe Madness Now!

Anybody ready for Vegas!

In case you haven't heard or read, I've snagged a sweet-ass deal for your faithful readers to join me in Las Vegas this year.

For many years now, I would get emails from guys saying "Dude, are you going to be in Vegas for the Tournament? Where are you going to be? Can I come say hi and buy you a beer!"

Well, this year I made it easy.

Just join me at the fabulous Palazzo, and we'll hang out together IN STYLE while we CRUSH the NCAA man! And for just over $110 per person per night - in a suite, with a cocktail party and limo ride to the airport and back - it's a deal that only a once in a decade recession can produce!

We've opened this promotion just last Thursday, and the "automatic bids" are not going to last very long. So jump on it.

The one thing I have received some questions about, is whether this deal includes airfare. It does not, for a few simple reasons.

1. Because this promotion is open to all my listeners both in Milwaukee with Bob and Brian, and also nationally via Fox Sports Radio, and also in D.C. on ESPN980, it wouldn't have been practical, fair, or even made sense to try to arrange airfare from a single city.

2. Some guys already have airfare arranged and hotel accomodations in Vegas for this weekend (Sweet 16) but would gladly cancel them and come on over to my place because you can't beat the rate and amenities. They have this option.

That being said, I know that since this deal come along just over 1 month from the date of departure, the best flights, for the cheapest prices are not as easy to find.

I did some noodling, and here's what I've found.

For DC listeners, you have two good options.

Baltimore to Vegas non-stop via Southwest can be had for about $336 roundtrip. Dulles to Vegas (one-stop) via JetBlue (mmmm... in flight DirecTV... aarrghhllllhh!) can be had for about $389.

For you Milwaukee folks, is the best bet, and they have a smattering of fares in the same range. A more direct shot, and perhaps better deal can be had if you slug down to Chicago for departure.

Finally, I am working on an agreement with the Palazzo to allow people to "shift" their trip one day to go Wed-Sat (which is actually my schedule) for the same price. Just let me know via email if you would be interested in this, and I will likely be able to get that cleared.

So get on it folks, I smell a perfect 8-0 Sweet 16 parlay card on Thursday and Friday next month! Gonna ... be... awesome!

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