Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lenny The Stock Picking Donkey, Now In Full Freefall

Lenny Dykstra's collapsing house of financial cards is picking up steam.

If you missed the original 10,000 word opus by Mike Fish, my god, please read it. If you have, then make sure you catch this little update to keep current.

I'll pull the money shot passage for you here....

"Lenny sits in here," said Judd, manager of Crow Executive Air. "He is just about in tears. He has got to get down to this meeting. It has got to happen. He offers me three or four pieces of paper that say what his net worth is. He has an e-mail from the [Reynolds] Plantation people that he is going to meet with. He offers me a personal financial statement as of March 2.

"So he ends up writing me two checks. The charter is $12,630. He writes me two checks for half [each], and offers me his watch as collateral. I said, 'Lenny, I'm not going to take your watch.' That was a mistake. I should have taken that watch."

The checks -- written on the account of Dykstra's parent company, TPC Operations LLC -- both bounced because of "not sufficient funds.

REACT: "I should have taken that watch." Classic. Don't beat yourself up, however. I'm pretty sure that watch was either stolen and would be recovered by the victim in a few days, or as fake as Lenny's financial "genius."


  1. Geez what a scumbag he is. Jail is definitely in his future.

  2. Funny, I see a parallel between what Dykstra is doing and what our President is doing. Both spending money they don't have and screwing many people along the way.