Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Little Miss Sunshine

It’s always nice to be invited. It’s even nicer when people thank you, for just showing up.

Monday in Charlottesville, VA I was a very happy, yet minor, accessory to a great charity event run by former radio voice of UVA sports Mac MacDonald. Proceeds benefit the children’s cancer wing at UVA hospital.

It was no small treat to meet one of my favorite LPGA stars, the impossibly mature for her age (20) Morgan Pressel. It was also cool to meet noted sports psychologist and mental guru to the PGA stars Dr. Bob Rotella.

We played at the incredible Keswick Hall resort, tucked just 5 miles outside of Charlottesville. I had never seen, heard, or been there, but WHOA! Fantastic. The course is a somewhat short-ish Arnold Palmer re-design, that blends an old-school feel, with modern architecture.

We were due for a 9-hole exhibition, but persistent rain cut it short to just 5 holes. The match ended All Square, no thanks to me. I went bogey-bogey-par-bogey-X. Morgan went par-par-birdie-par-par. The good Doc was on fire, making birdie on 1, par, then a 35 footer for a slam dunk birdie on #3. Then he came back to earth a bit. Must not have stayed “in the moment.” (Elbow jab).

Here's a few pics from the day....

The fabulous 10th hole looking back at Keswick Hall.

Me counting how many clubs Morgan brought for this shindig. Twelve, thirteen, fourteen…. Ooohhhkay then. Good. Keep it fair.

What a hacker I am. Horrible reverse pivot. Plus, I’m fat. Long sleeve rain gear, not slimming enough.

Morgan was a one-woman ray of sunshine on a rainy day. Great player, great personality. Impossible not to be a fan.

This was maybe one of about 1,000 photos she took all day. Never once flinched, groaned, or looked annoyed. Don’t know how she does it. Plus, she does about 150 of these things a year.

My trusted caddy and long time degenerate golfer-in-kind Mike McGowan was steady on the bag. Broke out the big ol’ Nike Tour bag with my name on it, ‘natch. He’ll live. Suck it up, tough guy!

Okay, Morgan. Here’s what I like on this putt - whatever you like. Now give it a good roll!

My pards.

Ultimate thanks to Mac McDonald who put many thousands of man-hours into making this happen. Well done, sir, thanks for having me along for the ride!


  1. Dear Czabe, you are the best sports radio host in the country. Your sarcastic deadpan humor has me cracking up every morning.

    My only problem with you is that I can't actually listen to your whole show because I live on the west coast and don't wake up at 3 am! Why can't I download your entire show? I'm willing to pay for it!!! Please stop your east coast bias and let us west coast guys enjoy your awesome show by making it available online.

  2. You can listen to a replay at 12pEst/9aPst, check online at a website called Streaming Radio Guide.. they have a sports section where you can choose from a bunch of radio stations that stream the Fox feed and listen online.


  3. You can also download the show from the KLAC website. I download both Czabe and Dan Patrick from there. It's great - no commercials!