Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"We're Not Detroit!"

Good to see that even the most downtrodden cities can claim a leg up on their nearby rust-belt neighbors. Whoever conceived, shot, scripted, and sang these videos deserves whatever award is the highest award you can get on the internet for first-rate snarkery.

Here's the original "un-official" city of Cleveland tourism video.

And then the sequel, which might be even better.

In related Detroit news, it appears that GM and Chrysler are getting more and more skittish about what "O Motors" has in mind for their future.

"Chrysler wanted to spend $134 million in advertising over the nine weeks it's expected to be in bankruptcy -- the U.S. Treasury's auto-industry task force gave it half that.

So if GM, which is wrestling with the possibility of a Chapter 11 filing itself, is wondering how much influence the task force will have over marketing, the answer is: plenty."

REACT: Ha, freaking, ha. But remember, as Barry said: "I have no intention of running GM." Sure you don't. Unless you count telling GM how many dealers to close, how much to spend on advertising, and how many cupholders are allowed in every truck.

They are from the government. They are here to help. Uhhhh huh.


  1. I love it when Conservatives show their ignorance. Do you know who NORMALLY approves the advertising budget for a bankrupt company?

    So pick your poison, Sparky. Judges who have never been elected by the people or worked in business? Or elected officials who may actually have run a business or two.

  2. Name a Business Obama has run...just one Wick.

  3. Paul, you think Obama is reading the Chrysler bankruptcy plan and reviewing budgets? You must have him confused with W. Or Reagan. No siree, you hire qualified people to do that. Like Brownie.