Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Jurassic Park Politics

I've been sitting back on my plastic-weave folding lawn chair the last few weeks, watching Our Dear Leader's health care plan turn into a demolition derby on 5-cent Jack Daniels night at the local dirt track.

Ah, such fun.

Anyway, I came across a nice analogy about how government (big or small) is capable of jacknifing a one-car parade with a VW Beetle when it tries to do anything more than just collect our taxes and keep the lights on in America.

This from "Deconstructing Obama" by Dr. Zero over at Hotair.com.

"The history of price controls and government subsidies is an unbroken tale of misery and failure. Applying price controls to a complex product, such as medicine, is like trying to clutch a fist full of water. The only predictable result will be the dumb amazement of the politicians, when they find themselves trapped in the Jurassic Park of inevitable statist failure, with the laws of supply and demand coming at them like hungry velociraptors."

REACT: Perfect. And it had never crossed my mind. Like Jurassic Park, most government fantasies are scaled to ridiculous proportions, and usually begin to fly apart at the inevitable law of un-intended consequences. (What? The velociraptors have learned how to beat the electric fence? Ohhhh... shit!)

Now, if only we could get Jeff Goldblum to mutter incoherently under his breath about "public options" and "town hall" and "Blue Dogs..." until he's a stark eyed pants quivering mess.

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  1. Also think of this analogy. You're given money to buy 10 pizzas to feed 40 people. Someone says that you have to now feed 60 people with less money. So what do you have to do? Of course cut much smaller pieces i.e. ration the slices. It's exactly what the feds are asking now.