Monday, August 31, 2009

Oh, That Is Rich....

So Rich Rodriquez allegedly ran players through their paces in excess of NCAA guidelines while at Michigan last year. According to a Detroit Free Press expose (yes, they are still printing) several disgruntled ex-players spilled the beans about Rich-Rod's sadistic schedule.

Could the players just hold a grudge? Naaahhhh. Rich Rod is a man of unquestioned integrity. He's a pillar of honesty and letter-of-the-law kind of guy. (Sarcasm=ON)

On December 16, 2007, Rodriguez informed players at West Virginia that he was leaving to succeed Lloyd Carr as the University of Michigan head football coach. The announcement of his departure came just four months after Rodriguez last renegotiated his contract with West Virginia, and was made despite his stated long-term commitment to the Mountaineers. The contract included a $4 million buyout if he left WVU within one year of the August 2007 signing date.

Of course, when push came to shove, Rich-Rod tried to weasel out of the explicit buyout clause, because hey, why should that apply to HIM?

On the one hand, I know that "everybody does it" in college football. The sport is nothing short of a professional enterprise, only the players don't get squat. You can't have a decent D-1 team if you go specifically by every single little aspect of the rules.

On the other hand, how embarrassing is it that Michigan still went 3-9 with possible extra practice and work?

This would be like the Detroit Lions getting a phone call from Brett Favre in an attempt to reveal sensitive game plans, and STILL getting roasted.

Oh, wait. That did happen.

Yay, state of Michigan! Is there anything else that can go south?


  1. R Rod has already had some of his own recruits leave Ann Arbor. He's a football Calipari/Pitino and will be fired in a year or two.

    BTW, I don't think that's Estella Warren's photo in your poll...she's much hotter.

  2. That's why I really really really dislike Saban...he did the same thing to the Dolphins (yes, they're pro. and yes, they're better now without him, but he just sucks). Rodriguez showed his character when he left WV...I do NOT like WV but they got screwed, blued and tatooed by this guy and his character is at zero. I know Clinton taught us that character doesn't count, but I still wonder...