Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Worst Swing I've Ever Seen

And one of the best guys I know! Go figure.

Aaron Artru and his band of merry golfing men have bid to play in my foursome at the Bob and Brian Open golf tournament, benefitting the MAACC Fund for 4 straight years now.

They are, in short, a funny-ass bunch of everyday middle-aged married working (okay, a few are laid off currently) dudes who love to drink beer and play bad golf.

Actually, let me check that. The boys played GREAT this year with me!

We were -13 and one shot out of 1st place! Derrick Schultz was ripping drives, Rob Igl was money on iron shots, and Aaron made no less than 5 of our birdie putts, including 3 of the first 4 we looked at!

And there was Brad, who was a newbie in the foursome who wore a PLAIN WHITE T-SHIRT to the event, because he claimed "it was the only thing clean" on his floor that morning!

Great times, and for a great cause.

Now enjoy Aaron's awesome swing, in super-slo-mo courtesy my Casio EFX-1 camera.


  1. The preying mantis is the shiznit!!!!

  2. As a highschool golf coach I have to so he combines the techniques of driving the ball to left field and the balance of a punter to prefection.

  3. Who just crapped on Czaban's ball?