Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Big Dumb

Apparently, athletes are the slowest learners.

If they learn, at all.

How many people would have guessed that shortly after Plaxico Burress landed himself in jail, that another high profile jock would think about fooling around with guns in a place where they are not allowed?

Hello, Gilbert Arenas.

How many people would have guessed that with a sexual assault case still pending in Nevada, Steelers QB Ben Roesthlisberger would decide that there's no harm in going to a nearby college town in Georgia and cruising for some sorority sweater?

Now the QB who loves to hold onto the ball way too long, a guy whose signature move is shrugging off lineman with one arm to heave a last ditch pass, is looking at the biggest sack of his career.

If this current woman's story is credible, and if she can follow through (unlike the Kobe accuser) then Big Ben's career is done. Finished. He's going to jail.

If not, then Ben will play again. But his image will never be the same. And it shouldn't be.

Because Big Ben is a drunk.

This is not even debatable. In addition to photos all over the internet (like the one above) and now these twin "incidents" involving drunken libido gone over-the-edge, it is clear that the guy can't manage his liquor.

Okay, now, go ahead with the argument that "he's only 28, dude, and he's not married! What do you want him to do, stay at home and read a book!?"

Oldest excuse in the internet age. Lamest, too.

If you want to be a club-hopping playboy-athlete in today's camera-phone age, then you better accept the fact that you aren't going to be fit to endorse anything. And you better have a great criminal defense attorney on retainer.

Big Ben may feel young, act young, and wonder "what's all the fuss, I'm just a normal guy" when he goes cruising for fun in Milledgeville, GA. But he's not. He's a two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback. While he is not obligated to act like an arrogant ass when he's in public, he ought to know that he actually IS sports royalty.

And royalty does not do jello shooters with commoners.

It would be another thing entirely if Big Ben were a tight end, or a lineman. Hey, football players, will be football players.

But he's not. He's a quarterback. That's a leadership position. The next time a guy like Santonio Holmes gets busted for smoking weed, what is Big Ben gonna say?

"Come on, man, we're pros."

Or will he say, "Dude, got any to share?"

We'll see how the Steelers handle this. For now, they are sitting back, waiting for the "facts" to come in. But the relevant facts are indeed, already in. Your quarterback is a drunk, with exceptionally poor judgment, who has embarrassed the franchise. This is, further evidence not needed, simply un-acceptable.

A statement to that effect, can and should have been released already.

The legal wheels will turn on their own schedule. But in the meantime, a franchise and fan base that preens on their reputation of class and conservatism in the NFL, should just shut their yaps the next time they decide to get on their soap-box about how they do things "the right way."


  1. "If you want to be a club-hopping playboy-athlete in today's camera-phone age, then you better accept the fact that you aren't going to be fit to endorse anything. And you better have a great criminal defense attorney on retainer."

    He doesn't endorse anything of note, and he just got Ray Lewis's lawyer. Soooo... all good then?

  2. I've been a steeler fan since i was a kid in the late 60's.

    you are right on target. i really it's not true. if it is and the steelers treat him like james harrison vs cedric wilson (over the domestic abuse), what a shame.
    i love big ben the player. the man, not so much. if he's guilty, it will really make it hard to remember the past 2 super bowls with any bit of fondness.

  3. I don't think the night went as planned for Ben. He has body guards who should stop him from making an ass of himself or worse. I know it must not be easy to say no to whomever is paying your salary, but Ben should make it clear that regardless of what he says or does, they do whatever is necessary to stop him.

  4. Compared to what folks of the Cowboys, Ravens, Rams and Raiders have done in the past and got away with, this is minor. But he needs to learn like Michael Irvin to pay for his entertainment in the privacy of a hotel room with bags of cocaine. Ben needs to never go to another club for the rest of his playing career because it is obvious he cannot be discreet. He also needs to learn it is better to commit a double homicide or rape a crazy person or kill an ex wife. Those are things you get away with and in the first two, is easily forgotten and those 2 are now the faces of their leagues. Ben has no excuses and needs to learn to keep it discret but he does not have a sexual assault case pending, it is basically some chic in civil court looking for a payout, so please don't overplay it. Ben has some problems, but they are easily fixed and I am sure money will take care of it. And again, compared to players of old, this is an afterthought, so please let it play out and then wait for him to get his 3rd Superbowl in the next couple of years. He has as many as the Manning brothers combined and more that the Redskins in the last 20 years and everyone loves a winner, Look at Ray Lewis.

  5. As a long time Steeler fan I just want to say you are totally right. I am tired of Steeler fans playing this girl out to be some gold digger. Ben has a rep of doing stupid stuff. It's always something with him, and I for one am about done with him.

    I went 26 years without a Super Bowl win, I don't want to go on one more minute with a rapist/ drunk as a QB.

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  7. Sounds like Ben needs to put in some more time learning how to read defenses off the field.

  8. So Ben is a drunk because he likes to go out to bars with friends and hit on girls? Wow Czabe... there is a hell of alot more drunks in the world than I realized if you are correct.

    Also, love your theory: "If you want to be a club-hopping playboy-athlete in today's camera-phone age, then you better accept the fact that you aren't going to be fit to endorse anything."

    Derek Jeter spends a decent amount of time in bars and clubs and could be fairly termed a playboy if page six can be believed. jetes seems to do ok in the endorsement department.

    Luckily for Jeter he hasnt had some moneyhungry girl make up a lie about him, followed by another one who figured people would believe her because of the first one...

  9. Where there's smoke there's fire. I was willing to buy his side the first time. This is becoming a pattern.