Monday, March 1, 2010

"So, How 'Bout It...?"

You know me, I love a good analogy. Or in this case, a more direct comparison. Is Barack Obama the political equivalent of Daunte Culpepper, Vikings Version?

Dan Calabrese of the Northern Star Journal website thinks so.

And you gotta admit, he argument is persuasive. Now, if you want to skip the politics, and just remember how idiotic Culpepper was on his way out of Minny, then read the following excerpt that focuses on Daunte's negotiating, ahem, "style."

With a year left on his contract, a horrible season just behind him and serious questions about his health, Culpepper makes two very interesting choices. First, he refuses Childress’s request that he conduct his injury rehabilitation in Minnesota under the watchful eye of the new coaching staff. Culpepper says, “I’m good,” and proceeds to rehab near his home in Florida. But that was just the start.

When he does finally make his way to Minnesota, it’s for the purpose of sitting down with ownership and demanding a lucrative contract extension. He was already making something on the order of $10 million a year, so hey, what better time to ask for even more than when you’re hurt and you just had the worst season of your career?

As Culpepper sat at the conference table at the Vikings’ Winter Park headquarters in Bloomington, Minnesota, saying, “How ‘bout it?” team management looked at him as if he had lost his mind. Somehow the Vikings convinced the Miami Dolphins to take Culpepper off their hands, and he has never come anywhere near his one-time level of success in the years since.

MY ADD: If I'm not mistaken, Culpepper also served as his own agent. Which is a truly idiotic idea. Even if NFL contracts came in 3 sizes only, S, M, and L, you should still employ a good agent at a sensible hourly rate just so he can be another set of eyes to help guide your career.

Such an agent, or anybody with a brain, might have told Daunte: "Dude. You really shouldn't ask for a pay raise right now. And please work out at the complex a few times to make your bosses feel good about your commitment to the team. They are paying you well. They'd just like to see your face in the office a little bit."


  1. As a Dolphins' fan, I just about puked when I learned that they had signed him. Yet another bust in our post-Marino QB era. And yeah, I think he & Barack must have attended the same Negotiations 101 class.

  2. I just came to say, "Brad- you douchebag!"