Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gargantu-Bracket Is Here! Behold....

... and tremble beneath it's utter awesomeness!!! Thanks again to Bradley Turner, who put the spreadsheet and PDF muscle behind this. A labor of love, and we owe him greatly. Last year, I said I wanted a bracket that had EVERYTHING!

Brad Turner, real American Hero, built it!

Now don't overthink this people. The higher seeds usually win. That is normal. That's how it's supposed to go.




And since you can never have enough handy, one-sheet charts and such, I have included my personal "cheat sheet" with all the pertinent info and a little note nugget on each team.

And then there was this little gem...


Here is a spreadsheet that shows when the games are on also what other games are on at the same time. This is especially handy for the first two days with so many games and guys strategizing when to be "sick" or "out of the office."

Note, since I live in KC, all times are converted to central.

Also, my sales job sucks without my daily Czabe fix on XM. damn them. I think I'm going to quit.

Brian LaForge



Let it be known, here is my OFFICIAL bracket! I don't have any other versions floating around, this ONE is it! Feel free to print, enter, and win your pool! You can thank me later, or not at all!


  1. One word .... AWESOME!!! MISS YOU IN THE MORNING!!!

  2. Czabe - miss you and the fellas in the morning!

    Have probably checked the site 20 times hoping this stuff would get posted again - love it!

    Any chance BT can post the bracket in PDF form like last year? Print out is much fuzzier this year - I'm not complaining, I'm just saying...

  3. Thank you Czabe! Now I can be even less productive today!

  4. Itrainbu,
    Not sure why the pdf would be any fuzzier than last year. My printouts are not fuzzy. I would suggest printing this badboy out on an 11x17 ledger size piece of paper.

  5. Looked great on legal last year - I think it has something to do with it being posted as a JPG instead of a PDF, but I'll figure it out if I'm the only one struggling with it...

  6. Itrainbu,
    The vertical and horizontal versions are posted as a pdf. The first image is a jpeg. Try clicking on the others.

  7. That's why I brought it up because I'm showing that all three are jpegs as well as the cheat sheet and tv schedule , which I thought was a weird way to post them because of the sizing and quality issues that can occur...

    Either way, thanks again for putting this together - the people in my pool love it when I send out the link!

  8. Yo Czabe Why are some of the coaches bold? I thought it was the once who won the National Championship, but then why is John Thompson III bolded. Then I thought it was coaches who had been to the Final Four but then why isn't Paul Hewitt bold? Also did you mean to mispell Greivis' name or is that a reference to Star Wars?