Monday, March 15, 2010

Hello, Larry

Larry Johnson is a Redskin.

Only about 4 years late. But hey, we'll take him.

Funny what a change in regime will do to perspective. If Snyder-atto were still running the show, I would be howling at the moon over this signing. So too, would most of Redskin Nation.

Instead, I'm going to call it: brilliant.

Why? No particular reason, other than that it is a move made by the Shan-allen-han regime. The guy is old, broken down, a cancer, and a rough duplication of the power back that Portis has become.

It makes no sense to me, the money seems overly generous, and I absolutely hate his off-field persona.

So, great signing. I mean that.

This is now like the "Opposite George" episode of Seinfeld.

In an uncapped year, we all figured Dan Snyder would have purchased by now the following. Julius Peppers, LaDanian Tomlinson, and Terrell Owens.

Instead, we've got a guard, a Tongan nose tackle, a blocking tight end I've never heard of, and now Larry Washedup.

I'm going with the flow here. In Shan-allen-han I trust. This is such a refreshing change of strategy, I feel like a dog who just had the back seat window rolled down.

There's some motivational logic here too. How to you best combat a diva-like running back bitch in your lockeroom? Bring in another one just like him!

Sure, Johnson doesn't dress up like Portis once did, but he'll complain about just about everything else. So I can't wait to hear what both men will say publicly about the prospect of sharing carries.

The one thing both guys know is this: under a Shanahan offense (father or son) the running backs are going to eat! So don't lose your line in the buffet!

Portis will take this one of two ways. He'll either get demoralized early in the off-season, let Johnson pass him, and then sulk out of town. Or, he'll bow up and have the best camp of his life in order to keep his gig in the backfield.

Win, meet win.

Plus, there's statistical logic to the move also. Jason Reid of the Washington Post points out the following.

Portis has more carries (2176-1421)and more receptions (242-151) than Johnson, despite being younger. He's also played 8 seasons compared to 7 for Johnson. In the last 4 years, Portis has missed 16 games to injury, Johnson, 14.

In Johnson's last meaningful season, 2008, he played 12 games and had a 4.5 yard per carry average. By comparison, Portis last topped 4.5 a carry his 2nd and final year in Denver.

So improbably, the Skins turned the clock BACK with this signing, not forward.

As of Sunday afternoon, I had not yet heard what "Coach Hankey Jankey" thought of the Johnson signing. But I certainly can't wait.

It's a whole new world Clinton. Welcome to it.


  1. um.. okay... LJ a deadskin... BFD!


  2. Czaban- you have to do your kick-ass bracket again this year with the times, announcers, etc, etc, etc.!

  3. FAIL
    (delusional Redskins fans - gotta love 'em)