Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Groggy, I Am Very, Very Groggy

That's pretty much how I feel right now, and we are a full 24 hours after leaving Vegas!

I'm still recovering, so bear with me, people.

What a weekend. Absolutely A++ in my book, and I have been going to Vegas for March Madness now for 12 years straight.

There's a BIG update here coming with even more photos, but I wanted to start with something to get everybody going.

Let me start by thanking profusely Michael Larragueta of the Palazzo, and his right hand man Roger Reveyrand for hosting our Czabe.com excursion for Year #2 of hopefully many more to come. Also, thanks to Juliet Huong for being our VIP Hostess-With-The-Mostess and PR specialist Ashley Farkas for arranging Bobby Knight and Billy Packer to stop by for interviews. Also, I can't say enough about John Feld at Cramer-Krasselt Public Relations for bringing AirTran on board for flights. Thanks to Joe Sands for providing top flight engineering for our radio broadcasts.

Soooo... what happened?

Nothing. You don't need to know... NOTHING!

Just kidding.

If you want good stories, well then, you'll just have to join us next year and make some of your own!

No, not the Nevada House of Ho's, that would be someplace else. I bet they get plenty of crank calls.

The caption for this picture should read: "Czabe angrily asks Gitter: 'Who the hell said we should play 72 holes of golf!!? Brian Thiet in the middle says: 'Don't look at me, it was you two golf nerds!'"

Andy Pollin and Scott Linn (backround) watch a game of pool in the VIP room where we watched the games. Andy went 3-1 on his NCAA wagers! Sweet action!

Scott "Mayor" Quimby and his crew take in the fact that mom and dad do not follow you around Vegas asking: "How much have you had to drink?"

AND MORE TO COME.... bear with me!

(TOP PHOTO: Bobby Knight and Billy Packer join Czabe and Andy at Lagasse's Sportsbook for some pre-game analysis.)


  1. I hope the "BIG update" is that you bumped into somebody on your trip who wants to put you into another national radio gig. I'm so done with...having to listen to all the clowns on the dial since Fox Shit Radio gave you the boot.

  2. czabe...how many times did you run into Eldrick out there? More importantly, how many skanks was he with?

    Looking forward to the "big update" as well and hearing how many times you dawned the hazmat suit and ran to the smell.