Tuesday, December 21, 2010

CSI: Dongslinger


  1. See Czabe... The snow from the Metrodome roof collapse actually buried Favre into the field. Call off mythbusters, this mystery is solved.

  2. The death of a career on a 3/4ths full collegiate stadium.

    Fitting for all-time leader in INTs.

  3. I hated on him all year. However after seeing Webb out there, he really was the better qb to go to battle. (only game I rooted for him so my pack could still win the division.)

    I thought he'd take his chance at IR and run with it after the bills game. But he went out there and gave it a go. Somehow I hated him less after that. I've never taken satisfaction in concussion inducing hits. Even if it's the dongslinger.

  4. Ah but this sort of Karma will surely keep your Redskins just as they are - sucky.

    Keep posting them as you see'em.

  5. Dear Santa,

    Thank you sooo much for the early Christmas gift.

    The image of "Narcissus, the Drama Queen" lying in a heap after a Bears' sack was LOVELY and JUST what I wanted.


    Albert in Tucson