Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Santa Czabe is Here!

Hey gang, just in case you were confused about the "12 Days of Czaban" here's the deal.

Sign up.

Have a chance to win free stuff!

Yeah, I know, real complicated.

I was going to make a complicated Bowl Season "pick 'em" contest and all, but then you would have been semi-forced to endure and give-a-crap about all these non-sense games.

So, I made it easy.

Sign up.

Win free stuff.

Merry Christmas!

What's in Santa Steve's sack of goodies? Oh, all kinds of wonderments...

Boots, Harley Gear, haircuts, golf gear, memorabilia, snow removal stuff, media services, jewelery, TV products, and of course, booze!


One winner, every day, for 12 days straight!

Come on and sign up, kids! If you don't believe in Santa Czabe, he'll never knock on your door!

Ho, ho, ho!


  1. The contest terms say that SiM will contact the winner by telephone...but the contest form doesn't have a phone-number box...just sayin'.