Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy Days.... For Now

If you think Cam Newton and Auburn is out of the woods with this "miraculous" midnight re-instatement, think again.

This email from a very good source....

Before reading this post, please know this is what I've heard and wanted to pass it along. Some of this may be known already and in some cases things get added as well all know via the "telephone game". I don't claim to be an insider but I trust my source and have a pretty good feeling about this. So here goes: Got a phone call on Sunday night from a very close family friend who is connected through a few different avenues of people. Indictments are coming for Lowder and company either this week or next via the FBI. I've heard Pat Dye and Jimmy Rane may be served as well (as board members of Colonial). The FBI's involvement in this has nothing directly to do with Auburn or Cam Newton. They are after Lowder for the fall of Colonial Bank. The FDIC started it's investigation of Colonial quite some time ago (keep in mind Colonial took TARP $). The FBI was pulled in when certain things began to turn up. In particular and large account which had no personal/company affilitation (slush fund account). This account was easily maintained and covered up (explained away) from auditors as the majority of mgt and board members were barners (Dye, Rane, McGreggor). Linked to this account were numerous atm/debit cards which were used quite frequently. The FBI has been building it's case against Lowder and they want him in jail. As part of their investigation and uncovering this "account" they have provided the link to the barn and them using this avenue to pay players for the NCAA. The issue with the barn started as a Cam Newton issue via Ms. State but it is much bigger and may not even be the tip of the ice berg for them. This has been going on for years with Lowder and Dye calling the shots. When an individual uses an atm card at a local bank, there is a camera that takes your picture, so the FBI has photos/locations/etc of everyone that has used these cards to get cash. The story that was put out by TMZ about McGreggor and the casino is not entirely true. McGreggor is related to this but not in that regard. So what happens now? The FBI idictments come out and the wheels in lower Alabama begin to come off one by one. SACS is in the loop of all the dealings as is the NCAA and the SEC. Them along with ESPN have been guaged by the FBI which is why things have been so quiet lately. Once the indictments come out, things are going to start moving. If you remember the week before the Iron Bowl Herbstreit and others were talking about a story that ESPN has been working and was ready to run. This was halted by the FBI until they served their indictments. The FBI is essentially gift wrapping what SACS/NCAA need and more. The NCAA won't have much work to do once everything is released to them. It will then be decision time. According to my source, SACS has what they need to pull barn's accredidation with booster and board member interference with the athletic program. That coupled with the mess they were in a few years back with SACS. As many of you know, once this happens, the barn is immediately banned from the SEC. The death penalty is an option, although I don't think it's likely. But being removed from the conference is a very real issue they will be dealing with. He said this could be the worst uncovering of anything in college football history. Dye knows it, as does Lowder and others heavy involved. They know they will never recover once everything comes out, which is why they are still playing Cam and shooting for the stars to go out as winners "on the field". Hopefully SC can take care of that Saturday and bring them to their knees before the FBI/NCAA does.

ADD: Think about this. How was it possible for Auburn to declare INELIGIBLE, the upcoming LOCK Heisman trophy winner, and IT DIDN'T EVEN HAVE TIME TO HIT THE WIRE SERVICES!

Very, very fishy.

War Eagle!
I still want to see Auburn v. Oregon for the Mythical National Championship.


  1. War Dam Eagle!!! Why doesn't the FBI try to work on the dam terrorism and leave college sports alone. I don't give a dam how much we paid Cam, he is out playing his contract. If the FBI and NCAA "REALLY" want to get in there and dig around the SEC will be only comprised of Vandy and Ole Miss. Everyone else will be served the death penalty. But, I have waited 34 years for Auburn to be in position to win a national championship. God willing we win this weekend I am heading to AZ to party like I never have before. If we win it all and later it is "revoked" by the NCAA I couldn't care less. The NCAA can't take away the awesomeness of this season and I DON'T RECOGNIZE THEIR AUTHORITY!!!

    --Rusty Shackleford


  2. BKS....the FBI is investigating how and where the bank bailout money looks, right now that it went to pay for some douchebags to play football in college...THAT SHOULD EARN SOME PEOPLE JAIL TIME! The FBI couldn't care less about the NCAA and the SEC.

  3. NCAA = No Cheating At Auburn

    feds should bust the NCAA under the RICO Act... they're very obviously a criminally corrupt organization.

  4. With his constant badgering of guests on the radio as if he were an attorney breaking down a witness, I'm surprised Czabe would post this uncritically and without comment (and, indeed, with an endorsement). This e-mail is just like everything else with this story – of questionable reliability. Certainly adds an interesting wrinkle, and explains the FBI's interest, but it's hardly the smoking gun Czabe thinks it is.

    Think about it.

    First, there's this: "Got a phone call on Sunday night from a very close family friend who is connected through a few different avenues of people."

    From me, that is plenty of e-mails, phone calls, conversations, and Alabama fans removed from me and from Czabe. By my count it 1 (Czabe), 2 (anonymous e-mailer), 3 ("close family friend"), 4+ (multiple unnamed, unspecified "avenues" of people). What? 4 or more levels away, 3 of which are unnamed.

    Then there's the use of "the barn." This is the e-mailer's phrase and anyone who knows enough of the wackjobs involved in the Alabama-Auburn rivalry will recognize this derisive phrase as an Alabama fan's insult of Auburn.

    So we have someone (unnamed) who uses language known to be used by Alabama fans to insult Auburn fans, relating a story that is multiple unnamed levels away from the source. Even if the guy works for the FBI, this is of questionable veracity.

    There was likely wrongdoing here and it appears that it was unlawful wrongdoing. This e-mail hardly proves that point and simply restates the uncorroborated, poorly sourced stories that have defined this story from beginning.

  5. and as to Czabe's addition, it's fishy for sure. But I think it's plausible that either (a) Auburn did it to force the NCAA to make a ruling rather than drag it out or (b) it was a wink-and-nod type thing: the NCAA said we want to declare Newton eligible but you first need to say that he's ineligible. (b) is just wacky enough to be a plausible theory of the NCAA's behavior.

  6. Derek - You make good points. The problem with annonomus sources are the readers can't evaluate their creditability. You have to trust the reporter to weigh their creditability. So the question is do you trust Czabe's ability to do this.

    Also, 'the barn' - I am a Stanford fan. I knew what the barn was, but didn't know it was considered derisive. If I had thought about it, probably would have realized it, but to go back to what I know ... The Farm started as an insult by Cal fans directed at Stanford because their school was in the middle of know where, way out in the sticks.

  7. Gene Chizek is a slimebag. Always has been.

  8. Czabe!! WHY would you post crap like this here? Colonial Bank DID NOT RECEIVE TARP MONEY (which I presume was the supposed source of all this alleged "slush fund".) See the website below that explains this little fact in detail.

    You can't just "explain away" some mysterious account to a bank regulator. Bank regulators don't give a rip WHO a board member of a particular company is. This email came from an UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA MESSAGE BOARD and there is no facts supporting such ridiculous charges! There is NO proof that ANY of this exists, and your heading of "Happy Days....For Now" acts as though you actually believe this crap. There has been a rumor (floated by Bama fans with ill intentions) about this "slush fund" with atm cards since before the Ronnie Brown/Cadillac Williams duo attended AU, and STILL nothing has come of it. The Bama fans have continued to taunt AU fans on the message boards with this crap year after year, but still nothing comes of it. If such proof actually existed, AU would have been sent out to the pasture a long time ago, yet here we sit with a possible trip to the national championship in the future and still having to hear about the MYSTERY ATM PHOTOS that are going to be released ANY DAY!! Just's coming! For sure! For the love. Give it a rest. IT'S GARBAGE!

    David Hughes

  9. I hate to be a double poster...but WAR EAGLE baby!! I hate all the B.S. that surrounds college football, but for today I am going to ignore that crap and hope Auburn get a W over the Ole Ball Coach!!! Merry Christmas to all of you and WAR CAM EAGLE!!!

  10. Re: "I DON'T RECOGNIZE THEIR AUTHORITY!!! --Rusty Shackleford"

    Dear Mr. Shackleford,

    Apparently, you don't recognize a dictionary either.

    ~human society

  11. Drunk posting leads to grammatical errors...