Friday, December 17, 2010

Now, It's Open Season



  1. Giants fan in Virginia (McNabb-Shanahan is so much fun it almost makes the Cowboys winning on Sunday okay):

    I was going to ask why your new-school, building-the-right-way, adults-are-in-charge Redskins have a 29-year old journeyman career backup as your third-string QB? Most teams with a 33 year old pro bowler starting would make sure to have a human lottery ticket as a 3rd QB--a 5th round pick, an undrafted free agent, someone who with time could develop into the next Tom Brady or Tony Romo or David Garrard or Matt Cassel or Gus Frerotte, not someone who has already been proven a failure.

    But I checked wikipedia, and his 29-years-of-age is deceiving. He did a two-year Mormon mission, was drafted in the second round in 2007, and got a three-game tryout starting for the 1-15 Dolphins before being exiled to the third string. This guy might still be a lottery ticket.

    I wanted to give you the alley-oop for the slam dunk "What is Shanahan-Allen doing" rant, but sometimes it clangs off the rim.