Friday, December 31, 2010

Just Add Southern Gentleman Voice, and Stir

If you think my impersonation of the bowl guys is over the top: you are wrong.

I love how Sugar Bowl CEO Paul Hoolahan had no qualms about doing all he could to preserve the ratings "sugar" in the Sugar Bowl.

Sugar Bowl CEO Paul Hoolahan lobbied Ohio State University to make sure five of its football players — including star quarterback Terrelle Pryor — would not be suspended for the game against Arkansas, The Columbus Dispatch reported Wednesday.

"I made the point that anything that could be done to preserve the integrity of this year's game, we would greatly appreciate it," Hoolahan said. "That appeal did not fall on deaf ears, and I'm extremely excited about it, that the Buckeyes are coming in at full strength and with no dilution."

Many Ohio State fans believe the suspensions should start immediately.

"I appreciate and fully understand the Midwestern values and ethics behind that," Hoolahan said. "But I'm probably thinking of this from a selfish perspective."

The five players apologized for their actions Tuesday at a news conference. A sixth player, linebacker Brandon Whiting, received a one-game suspension.

REACT: Make sure to punch up the "deaf ears" and "no dilution" when you do your Southern Gent impression.


  1. Besides its just an meaningless exhibition game where the participants just get boatloads of cash...

  2. looking forward to the game myself, czabe...glad you're enjoying the bowl season just like everybody else, even the millions who refuse to admit did everybody do filling out their 1-AA, D2 & D3 brackets this year??...wheeeewww!

  3. Imagine how much fun it would be if we actually got to do that in the so-called BCS?

    Just one game for an imaginary championship.

  4. Also make sure to make "integritah" almost rhyme with Eric Cartman's "authoritah"

  5. it still amazes me that Czabe and the rest of the country are intrigued by these suspensions. Wake up douche. This happens all the time. We are lucky they are so stupid to get caught otherwise we would think this stuff never happens. I want to know how these people keep there grades up enough to stay in school? Oh, tutors to do their work? Watch the game. Cheer against Ohio State.

  6. you are all morons football is an exhibition by definition. a championship in a sport like football or basketball is just the winner of the season ending tournament. i bet most people think the canes were better than ohio state in 02 i bet most people think the perfect patriots were better than the wild card giants but the trophy says different. a tournament errrrrr playoff proves nothing.... imho