Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Welcome To March!

For years, especially when I lived just north of Chicago in suburban Buffalo Grove, Illinois, I would often joke that March should just be re-named "February II".

But that would be cruel. A 60-day month of February just seems too bleak, too hopeless to endure.

For me, the turning of the calendar always provided a significant little nugget of mental relief. Ahhhh. March.

The first week of March goes quickly, pulled along by the small conference championships. The second week of March is fed quickly into the hopper by the week long major conference tournaments.

Along the way - at least here in the mid-Atlantic region - we'll get a few days that tickle the high 60's, and low 70's and your clubs will come out of the closet, and your spirits will soar.

The long winter seige, will soon be over.

And when it comes to rites of spring, you should really make joining me and the fellas in Vegas for the Sweet 16 one of those annual rites.

Here's a quick video sampler of last year's trip. If you are already going to be in Vegas, jump in and join us at the VIP room at the Palazzo. You don't need to be staying there to watch the games with us.

And if you want to upgrade your rooms, then by all means, take advantage of our crackerjack rate specials at the incredible Palazzo. Just $149 per night for Wed and Thursday, a bit more on the weekend!

But hurry, spots in the VIP room, and for the Palazzo at this rate, are going to go fast!

See you in Vegas! Three weeks from tomorrow! Yeeeee-haw!

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  1. "God made March in case eternity should prove too brief." - Patrick McManus

    Always loved that line.