Friday, May 20, 2011

Gone Golfin'.....

By the time you see this post, or perhaps watch this video, I will be well on my way to a sunburn, and numerous three putts. That said, this annual golf trip to Pinehurst - or, more properly, Southern Pines, NC - is something I very much look forward to each year.

The camaraderie amongst men, is simply priceless. We have a diverse group, of guys, almost all of them married, ranging at least 20 years in age. Most have come to know each other, only through this annual event. They come from all over the country. Indiana, Texas, North Carolina, Pittsburgh, and of course the DC area.

I urge anyone who wants to book a great trip, at a great price, start by picking up the phone and calling Ken Crow, or Jeffrey Jones at The National GC in Southern Pines.

By all means, DROP MY NAME, and say you saw this video, and you will get the Czabe Approved Hook-em-up!

See ya'll Monday. My voice horse. My hands blistered. And my dreams of a great golf season to come, hopelessly shattered.

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