Monday, May 16, 2011

King Clown Has His Day In The Sun

Apparently, to be named "Sportswriter of the Year" all you need is opposable thumbs, and a name that is slightly more well known than the hockey blogger at AOL Fanhouse.

Because Peter King, has been given that honor. King writes...

I'm a little bit blown away this morning, as I have been since Dave Goren of the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association called in January to say I'd been named sportswriter of the year. You sure you didn't get my number mixed up with Posnanski's or Reilly's or Verducci's? But hey, that's the power of Sports Illustrated, and the internet in today's sports communications business. And I ain't giving it back.

Tonight's the awards ceremony, in this small city an hour north of Charlotte. I'll have to take a deep breath when I look around and see those I've looked up to in the business, like Bob Ryan, Brent Musburger and Hal McCoy -- a guy who taught me so much on the Reds' beat 30 years ago -- and realize I'm standing with them now, and standing with peers like Mike Tirico and so many writers and broadcasters from across the country who I've shared press boxes with over the years. It's a great honor, something I'll never forget as long as I live.

Ah yes, an honor you so richly deserve, you witless stooge. Good work. In the very same MMQ "column" - proofread by live monkeys! - King managed to dither about for 300 odd words about AN INTERVIEW THAT NEVER HAPPENED!!!


Nothing like having to CROSS OUT an entire chunk of your column, because you were TOO FUCKING LAZY to make one call on your vaunted cell phone - to either Sirius Radio (whom he fucking WORKS FOR part time!) or perhaps any number of your "high level" NFL contacts.

Nah. Just assume a random blogger you have never heard of, nailed the story, and USE IT as basis in fact, for off-the-cuff speculation over your Starbucks triple-latte.

Once more with feeling: what a fucking hack!

Enjoy the rubber chicken and accolades tonite, Pete.

Meanwhile, leave the heavy reporting to the real pros who will never share the stage with over-rated sports media princesses like you.


  1. It's because of standards as poor as his that after a massive win by the Bulls over the Heat we have a piece on that rates the 3 big guns from the Heat, Heat Def and then 1 grade for the Bulls overall...and the crawl listed their stats and the final score....and we still have to hear about Favre.

  2. King Clown is OK, but I like King Tool better.

  3. He is a complete douche and thank you for mercilessly fcking with him!!!!

  4. the only thing worse that reading or hearing this FUCKING NOZZLE is looking at him...SI's NFL coverage has zero credibility so long as he and that pile of shit zimmerman remain on staff

  5. Let me say that I'm not a King fan or a fan of ESPN at all....but I don't see what the big stink is (other than jealousy of his success of course). His story was simply disproving a rumor. Would it have made any sense to have just his last paragraph? No. It's called "setting the context" before making your point.

    And to Josh's point about the lack of Bulls coverage -- it's the NBA dude. It's the same reason the hockey doesn't get much play -- flat out the NFL even in an offseason AND lockout still is more popular than these other sports.

  6. bulls won mvp, coach of the year and exec of the year, yet chicago fans still bemoan lack of respect/coverage?

    krusty ehhhh sound effect

  7. Peter got that bandage on his arm when he got sandwich crunched by two old ladies fighting over a mini biscotti at a Bethesda Starbucks.

  8. nothing makes me roll my eyes more than sports writers/bloggers, radio guy banging on people who have achieved greater popularity

    it only makes you look jealous and petty

    it certainly doesnt accomplish what you think it does, exposing that particular person

  9. You guys can roll your eyes and cite jealousy, but it doesn't negate the fact that King is a ridiculous hack. Not using the word fact as hyperbole there either, try reading his abortion of a column some time.

  10. This story about Peter dovetails nicely with the story Czabe posted on the Minnesota stadium.

    Peter is the voice of crony capitalism. He is the mouthpiece for plenty of owners and assorted businessmen who make a nice living from the NFL.

    He is the Ellsworth Toohey in this story. Truth is malleable in Pete's world.