Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"Stuck Like Winnie The Pooh" Between Colors and Nickname

Some will say: "Hey, at least we're back to the ol' Red White and Blue."

I say to Ted, keep trying.

The team, is the BULLETS. Period. Sorry that ol' Abe Pollin got all sad and all about Yitzhah Rabin's assassination, and the spiraling murder rate in the city at the time he decided to put a bullet in the head of "Bullets." (pun intended, thank you).

I know Ted says that the process just to change the colors was difficult enough, and that they shortcut the usual NBA timeframe of 2 years down to just 1. I know Ted says there are a lot of "intellectual property" issues to deal with when it comes to a full name/logo/color change.

Yeah, yah, yeah.

Just look at those gorgeous unis when they dusted them off as "vintage" throwbacks during the Jordan years. Just look at them!

Fabulous. Bold, simple, clean.

Now, we are stuck like Winnie the Pooh in Rabbit's house, halfway between a bad nickname nobody wanted (Wizards) and a color scheme that is close to the original, but not quite as sharp as the original.


Never mind that bullets have been used for countless acts of GOOD in the world, defending the innocent, freeing the enslaved, or just bulwarking the freedom of individuals, against the tyranny of the state.

Nah. Never mind that.

So what, are the Buffalo Sabres supposed to be upset that their nickname is a brutal military weapon designed to dismember humans in a bloody mess?


Come on, Ted. The team itself, sucks. At least give us our old beloved nickname back.

PS: The "alt" logo of the basketball, with the star over the Washington Monument? Crackin! I like it. Use it.


  1. Amen, Czabe. They are still and will always be the Bullets. Just pull the trigger, Ted. Bring back Le Bullet.

  2. Hot damn those old bullet jerseys are smokin'.