Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Heeeee'sssssss Baaaaackk!

Hello, Tim Donaghy.

Good to see the embodiment of David Stern's worst nightmare, out there on the interwebs, pathetically pitching a website called "DannyB.info."

Uh huh. Info. Right.

Meanwhile, he's helpfully pointing out to anyone who will listen, that LeBron has no regard whatsoever for anything called a "pivot foot."


  1. Typical. This is why I don't watch the NBA anymore. Tell me again how the NBA isn't fixed?

  2. proud to say i haven't watched that piece of shit, shell of its former self league in over 20 years...anyone who rolls their eyes when donaghy speaks needs to only be reminded of when nobody believed a word jose canseco said

  3. I'll just watch it on the radio.

    Man, I just love that 90's-era porntastic masthead with the glint all over the place...

  4. The problem with The Fixer's point of view is that everyone travels in the NBA.

  5. Donaghy's work on Deadspin has been outstanding, btw.