Thursday, May 19, 2011

When Did Jorge Posada Become Osama Bin Laden?

From reader Tim McDarby....

Every day after the death of OBL, there has been a daily drip of unflattering information from 'sources' in the administration of the intelligence community (a group that traditionally doesn't do a lot of talking about information they gather). Info about living conditions, porn collections, narcissism, etc. Every day another piece of information to belittle his 'reputation' in the terror world.

Posada, an aging catcher/DH in his 17th season, really struggling with his below 200 average asked for 'a day' after being moved to 9th in the order. Both he and manager Joe Girardi agree that was the only thing they talked about in a 'brief' exchange an hour before game time.

(at this point we can easily debate the cause of his needing time over hurt feelings or back stiffness)

Since Saturday it has been an almost daily drip of information from Yankee "officials" in discrediting a player they've employed for 17 years.

During the Fox broadcast, writers and announcers were suggesting Posada 'quit' on his team before a Red Sox game. Ken Rosenthal and NY beat writers tweeted the Yankees were seeking to discipline Posada and perhaps void the remaining year on his contract. Hell, they rumored he wanted to retire to the point that YES Network's Jack Curry called Posada's dad wanting information DURING THE GAME! Posada's wife took to both Twitter and Facebook to defend her husband with a back issue. All breathlessly reported on TV and social media while Posada was sitting in the Yankee dugout watching the game. Bet he knew nothing of what was going on.

Derek Jeter got dragged into it by defending his teammate and friend. A conference call was ordered with club 'officials' and Jeter to get on the same page. Jeter, to his credit, never has backed down in his defense. Despite the Yankees being 'upset' the captain didn't side with them.

Yesterday it was suggested in an ESPN/NY story (citing 'officials') that Posada refused to catch in a spring training game angering Yankee brass. Despite GM Brian Cashman taking pride in telling anyone and everyone he told Posada face-to-face in November that he would never catch another game as a Yankee and would only be a DH.

Also, it is suggested that Posada demanded out on Saturday night. Posada never mentioned it with the press. Girardi never mentioned it. Neither did Cashman in his numerous availabilities that night and again on Sunday.

He's getting the same exact discrediting treatment as OBL (obviously to a different degree)!

What the hell are they trying to do embarrass him into quitting and letting them out of their $13-million commitment? (YES!).

Tim McDarby


  1. So what? He's a Yankee,what do you expect?

  2. I am sure that Seal Team Six can take care of this problem.

  3. He's DH batting below the Mendoza line and is making 13 million dollars this year. And I'm supposed to feel sorry for the guy?

  4. Joe nailed it. Nuff said.