Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Death To These F*$%#'ers!

With fall coming, I see these guys already massing at my window sills, and on the overhangs of my breezeway. Is there any hope for eradication?


But it's apparently going to take 3 more years, at least!

/homer voice: "Ohhhhhwwwwww........."


  1. /Dr. Hibbert voice: "FIRE, and lots of it!"

  2. But you have to admit, they are really intricate creatures. And they are not insects, but true bugs. You can look that up.

  3. I used to kill them one by one and put their little heads on a spike and leave it out for others to see, but that didn't work. I tried chemical warfare and would spay like the US Government spaying for Charlie, but the little SOB kept coming. Now I'm just nuking it from orbit (hair spay and a lighter), it's the only way to be sure. My window sill looks like the highway of death.